Car damage

Our cars are our pride and joy, so it can be heartbreaking (and expensive!) if somebody intentionally damages them.

From slashed tyres to car keying and smashed windows, there are all kinds of ways in which vandals may look to damage your vehicle. And they can all add up to a hefty repair bill if you aren’t fully covered with car insurance.

We’ve looked at government figures to find out where and when you’re most likely to be at risk of having your vehicle damaged, as well as the most likely offenders and how much the damage could end up costing you.

The Worst Regions for Car Crime

When we look at which regions car vandalism is most likely to happen in, the results show that London has the most offences by far, at just over 20,000. This is almost more than double that of the next highest areas, West Yorkshire and the West Midlands.

Number of Crimes


All data sourced from the Office for National Statistics’ ‘Nature of Crime: Criminal Damage’ dataset, which is compiled from the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) and relates to the most recent period for which data is available (April 2019-March 2020).

Crime figures by region taken from the Home Office’s police recorded crime and outcomes open data tables and relate to 2019/20. Note that following the implementation of a new IT system in July 2019, Greater Manchester Police have been unable to supply data for the quarter July to March 2020.