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26 JUNE 2023
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The most popular car-inspired baby names

Choosing a name for your newborn baby can be a very tough decision. Trends are always changing, and more and more parents are on the lookout for quirky and creative names for their little one.

If you’re struggling for ideas, sometimes it can help to take inspiration from your passions or hobbies. If you’re an automobile fan, why not look at car-based names? While we wouldn’t recommend naming your baby after BMW or Volkswagen, there are plenty of car brands and models that have inspired unique baby names over the years.

To find out the most popular car-based baby names, we used data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), as well as US government data, to reveal which names have gained popularity across the UK and the US over the last five years, and which may have fallen out of favour.

Popular car-inspired baby names

Top UK Names

Popular boy names

The most popular name from our list for little boys in the UK is Austin, which has been given to 2,868 babies over the last five years. The name is perhaps inspired by the Austin Mini, a classic version of the Mini from the 1960’s.

Lincoln ranks second for boys in the UK, with 2,156 babies having been given the name closely associated with the century-old luxury motor company. A Mini is perhaps a big inspiration for many parents, as Cooper comes in third on the list, with 1,945 little boys potentially named after the UK’s iconic Mini Cooper car.

There are clearly a lot of motor-racing fans out there too, as the late Enzo Ferrari has potentially inspired the name of 1,452 little boys over the last five years. The name Enzo has actually increased in popularity by 51% since 2017.

Although it’s perhaps one of the more common names on the list, Martin rounds off the top five, with 998 babies potentially named after Aston Martin, the iconic British sports car brand. The name Aston also features on the list of popular UK boy names, coming in 10th place, with 374 babies having been given the potentially car-inspired name.

Boys Names - UK Girl Names - UK
Name Car-Relation Total Name Car-Relation Total
Austin Austin Mini 2,868 Aurelia Lancia Aurelia 1,182
Lincoln Lincoln 2,156 Elise Lotus Elise 1,046
Cooper Mini Cooper 1,945 Octavia Skoda Octavia 452
Enzo Enzo Ferrari (racing driver & car model) 1,452 Liana Suzuki Liana 411
Martin Aston Martin 998 Shelby Shelby Mustang 382
Morgan Morgan Motor Company 839 Morgan Morgan Motor Company 337
Romeo Alpha Romeo 831 Giulia Alfa Romeo Giulia 298
Jimmy GMC Jimmy 681 Mercedes Mercedes-Benz1 111
Bentley Bentley 418 Felicia Skoda Felicia 92
Aston Aston Martin 374 Elva Car manufacturer & McLaren Elva 86
Maverick Ford Maverick 359 Clio Renault Clio 55
Herbie VW Bug in the film 212 Capri Ford Capri 37
Zephyr Ford Zephyr 131 Cooper Mini Cooper 32
Mack Mack Trucks 87 Zephyr Ford Zephyr 28
Cruze Chevrolet Cruze 78 Lotus Lotus 27
Royce Rolls Royce 65 Kia Kia 19
Ford Ford 56 Caprice Chevrolet Caprice 17
Shelby Shelby Mustang 49 Astra Vauxhall Astra 15
Monte Chevrolet Monte Carlo 35 Jazz Honda Jazz 14
Soul Kia Soul 31 Giulietta Alfa Romeo Giulietta 12
Dino Ferrari Dino 26 Porsche Porsche 11
Diesel Petrol 18 Austin Austin Mini 7
Juke Nissan Juke 8 Lexus Lexus 7
Jazz Honda Jazz 7 Carrera Porsche 911 Carrera 3
Axle Car part 3 Chevy Chevrolet 3

The most popular car-based choice for baby girls in the UK is Aurelia, possibly inspired by the classic Italian car the Lancia Aurelia. Only produced between 1950 and the summer of 1958, the vintage car may have influenced 1,182 baby names in the UK over the last five years.

In second place is Elise, which could be associated with 1994’s Lotus Elise roadster. The car was named after the granddaughter of Roman Artioli, who was chairman of Lotus at the time. 1,046 little girls have been given the name since 2017, though it has seen a significant decline of 42% over the last five years.

Octavia comes in third, with the Skoda Octavia family car potentially inspiring the names of 452 babies, up 56% from 2017. Liana is fifth on the list, with 411 babies possibly named after the popular Suzuki car. Liana is actually an acronym for Life in a New Age, which adds a quirky touch to the name.

Top US Names

Popular boy names

Over in the US, the name Lincoln is even more popular than in the UK, with 36,786 babies having been given the name since 2017. While this could be thanks to the car brand, the name is also commonly associated with former US president Abraham Lincoln.

Maverick comes in second place, with the Ford Maverick potentially influencing 28,238 baby names. Fans of Top Gun might disagree with the source of inspiration however, as Maverick is also the name of the main character from the very-popular 1986 movie.

As in the UK, Cooper is third on the list of popular US baby names, with 22,891 babies sharing the brand name of the popular Mini car model. Austin follows closely behind in fourth, with Mini’s vintage car potentially inspiring 21,900 baby boy names in the US. Rounding off the top five is Bentley, with 15,150 baby boys in the US possibly named after the luxury British car brand.

Boys Names - US Girl Names - US
Name Car-Relation Total Name Car-Relation Total
Lincoln Lincoln 36,786 Morgan Morgan Motor Company 8,266
Maverick Ford Maverick 28,238 Elise Lotus Elise 7,468
Cooper Mini Cooper 22,891 Octavia Skoda Octavia 4,248
Austin Austin Mini 21,900 Liana Suzuki Liana 3,385
Bentley Bentley 15,150 Shelby Shelby Mustang 3,364
Enzo Enzo Ferrari (racing driver & car model) 9,737 Aurelia Lancia Aurelia 2,506
Martin Aston Martin 6,090 Capri Ford Capri 1,416
Romeo Alpha Romeo 4,614 Mercedes Mercedes-Benz 1,044
Royce Rolls Royce 3,675 Lincoln Lincoln 920
Ford Ford 2,612 Chevelle Chevrolet Chevelle 780
Mack Mack Trucks 2,536 Austin Austin Mini 736
Jimmy GMC Jimmy 1,908 Giulia Alfa Romeo Giulia 706
Morgan Morgan Motor Company 1,842 Bentley Bentley 695
Zephyr Ford Zephyr 733 Cooper Mini Cooper 558
Axle Car part 684 Lotus Lotus 528
Aston Aston Martin 658 Tesla Tesla 390
Chevy Chevrolet 644 Marbella Seat Marbella 359
Gauge Car part 547 Maverick Ford Maverick 324
Monte Chevrolet Monte Carlo 541 Royce Rolls Royce 312
Ranger Ford Ranger 474 Giulietta Alfa Romeo Giulietta 284
Diesel Petrol 460 Acadia GMC Acadia 230
Atom Ariel Atom 271 Elva Car manufacturer & McLaren Elva 226
Cruze Chevrolet Cruze 234 Chevy Chevrolet 214
Dino Ferrari Dino 204 Zephyr Ford Zephyr 192
Shelby Shelby Mustang 175 Felicia Skoda Felicia 177

Topping our list for baby girls in the US is Morgan, with the name being given to 8,266 babies over the last five years. Although a popular name on its own, some car-fans may have chosen it based on the Morgan Motor Company, the British motor car manufacturer.

The rest of the top five US girl names are similar to those in the UK, with Elise (7,468), Octavia (4,248), and Liana (3,385) all popular choices for little girls over the last five years.

The car-inspired names increasing and decreasing in popularity

Despite not reaching the top five, one car-inspired name which has seen a huge increase in popularity over the last five years is Soul. A gender-neutral name possibly associated with the Kia Soul, it’s seen a 400% rise in popularity for baby girls in the US, and a whopping 600% for American baby boys. The name has even reached across the pond, with a 150% surge in popularity among UK baby boys too.

Possibly inspired by the British car company, more and more parents have chosen to name their little ones Lotus over the last few years too. Another name chosen for both boys and girls, it’s seen a 100% increase for baby girls in the UK, and a 150% increase for little boys in the US.

Although we might be seeing an increase of the electric car on the roads, Tesla has actually decreased in popularity for baby names over the last few years. Although 133 baby girls in the US were named after Elon Musk’s famous car in 2017, just 29 were given the moniker in 2021. The increased popularity of the Tesla brand could possibly have influenced the decline in baby name popularity, as parents may not want their child’s name to be associated with a popular car brand.

New baby? Tips for safe driving

New parents will have so much on their minds after they name their little one and bring them home, but the well-being of their child remains paramount.

Following these few simple steps while on the roads can help give parents peace of mind that their baby is safe in the car, whether they are on the way home from the hospital, or heading off on their first family day out.

1. Use a properly fitted car seat
Car seats are so important to ensure the safety of your baby when driving. It’s the law for any children under 12 years old, or under 135cm tall, to be in an appropriately sized car seat. The car seat needs to be suitable for your child’s weight and size, to ensure they’re fully protected and comfortable.

2. Keep them away from airbags 
We would recommend putting your child in the rear seats of the car, to keep them away from the airbags should an incident occur. If you do need to place them in the front seat, ensure you deactivate any airbags, especially if using a rear-facing car seat. While airbags are designed to cushion and protect an adult body on impact, the considerable force could seriously injure a baby.

3. Stop for breaks
Medical professionals suggest that babies shouldn’t be in a car seat for longer than two hours at a time. If you’re heading off on a long journey, make sure you take regular breaks, so you can check on your baby and let them have a stretch and move around.

4. Ensure the whole family is fully protected 
You should also consider getting family car insurance to ensure the whole family is protected should any incidents occur. Whether it’s for one family car or multiple, it’s essential to have the right level of cover when travelling on the roads with your little ones.

Methodology & Sources

A seed list of popular car makes, models and parts was created based on the most popular cars in the UK and the US.

This was then compared to ONS data, for boy names and girl names, and US government data to identify the number of times each name has been used for both boys and girls in the UK and US, between 2017 and 2021.

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