Cost of car insurance drops for the second quarter running

Motorists coming up for their car insurance renewal are well placed for a summer switching saving after we revealed that the typical cost of cover dropped £27 in the three months to May.

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Dan Hutson

Dan Hutson

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Dan Hutson hailed the reduction as ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ for British drivers after years of being hit in the pocket.


Explaining the price cuts, Dan said: “The volume of new cars coming onto roads has decreased in recent months, which could have been the cause behind this latest fall as insurers try to snap up new customers with lower prices.”

Premiums had been on an upward trajectory until last December as a result of government changes including hikes to Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) and changes to the way personal injury compensation payments are calculated.

We estimate that these changes have cost British motorists around £7.8bn.

Parliament probes potholes

A parliamentary report, Filling the Gap, has warned that potholes – of which there are believed to be over 2 million on UK roads – undermine local economic performance and are a drain on taxpayers. Reasons given include the rising costs of deferred maintenance or poor value for money offered by a ‘make do and mend’ approach.

MPs on the House of Commons Transport Committee, said: “Many people will not have to travel further than their local shops to see an extreme state of disrepair. This plague of potholes is a major headache for everyone.”

potholes in country road

Meanwhile a report published today by the Road Safety Foundation highlighted that 60 per cent of deaths on Britain’s roads between 2015 and 2017 happened on just 12.5 per cent of the network, with single carriageway A-roads in rural locations deemed the most dangerous.

The study also found variations in standards across the UK, with Scotland’s roads shown to be safer than those in England or Wales. Scotland recorded 27 road deaths per million people in 2017, compared with 28 in England and 33 in Wales.

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