Sometimes it feels like we’re getting a raw deal – like how chocolate bars seem smaller nowadays but cost more; it’s the same for car insurance. When it comes to renewal, even though nothing’s changed – your car’s the same, you’re the same, you’ve made no claims – but the same policy still costs more. It can feel mighty unfair – so what’s with these price rises and what can you do about it?

Unlike chocolate bar manufacturers who always deny tinkering with the size or recipe of your favourite munchie – car insurance providers openly admit that premiums have increased over the last year. In fact, according to our latest Premium Driver Index, the average premium increased by £92 to £697; even the average cheapest premiums have risen from £510 to £579. As prices continue to increase, we can expect to pay over £700 by the end of 2016 – ouch!

So what’s the deal with these price hikes? Well, it’s a combination of more expensive car repair bills (it’s all that fancy tech) as well as insurance scams; plus, there’s been an increase in the IPT (insurance premium tax which is paid on most types of insurance). All of this means that insurance providers have had to share the burden of cost with the rest of us.

But you know – every cloud and all that – there are some silver linings, it’s just about knowing where to look. Because of the steep price rises, the gap between the cheapest and average premiums are likely to be greater, meaning there are potentially even more savings to be made. We found that you could be saving an average of £130 a year on your car insurance simply by comparing the market for the most competitive deal.

You can of course do lots of other things to lower the cost of your insurance. If you’re a new driver you’ll be well aware of just how expensive insurance can be – but by choosing your car wisely, you could save yourself some serious cash. And if you know you’re a good driver then consider a telematics policy which will mean that your premium’s based on your skills behind the wheel rather than the driving of everyone else in your age group.

If you are a young or inexperienced driver you could add a parent with a good driving history to your policy as a named driver – not the main driver – and their experience might help to reduce your premium. You might also consider tweaking your job title or if you live in a high insurance premium postcode (London and Manchester, we’re looking at you) then you could move (drastic), because where you live also affects your premium. Use our car insurance calculator to work out how much you could save. But the most obvious way to save money is right here at We’ll bring you quotes from all our trusted partners so that all you have to do is pick one that’ll save you lots of money – it’s easy and quick so let’s start comparing.

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