Cars Against Humanity… What would you give up to improve the environment?

2018 has already seen a number of environmentally conscious trends make the headlines, from the rise of electric and hybrid cars, to the growing use of KeepCups. But the question remains: Which of these environmental trends will make the biggest difference?

In partnership with Professor Carolyn Roberts, the first Frank Jackson Professor of the Environment at Gresham College, we’ve taken a look at which “green” changes the public are making, and just what impact these are actually having on the environment.

In fact, with two of the biggest “green” trends being the adoption of electric cars, and the growth of vegetarianism and vegan, we wanted to know which would have the biggest environmental impact – giving up your car, or giving up meat. According to Professor Roberts, in the battle to save the environment we could be better off passing on our steak and burgers than taking the bus!

Cars V Cattle - electric cars charging
Professor Carolyn Roberts

Professor Carolyn Roberts

The first Frank Jackson Professor of the Environment

Gresham College

“Environmental issues continue to rise up the national agenda. However, and quite naturally, the desire for change does not always translate into genuine action, as other priorities can overwhelm many of us, particularly those in with demanding jobs and families. For example, giving up driving may be practically impossible for many of us with work to get to and a family to support. The good news is that more practical changes, such as a shift in diet, could be a superior solution to having a positive impact on the environment.

“From farm to fork and beyond, food accounts for about 20% of all of our greenhouse gas emissions. Estimates suggest that if all of our meat eaters switched to a vegan diet, it would roughly halve total greenhouse gas emissions associated with food[1]. On balance, if greenhouse gases were the only consideration, then switching to a low or no meat diet could be of a greater benefit to the environment, and specifically the battle against climate change. But moving away from petrol and diesel cars could have many other advantages, including reducing air pollution, noise and congestion in cities. It’s never that simple.”

We also polled the nation to look at just what extent we’re going too to help save the planet, and the results were somewhat interesting…

Infographic - Cars V Cattle

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