Commuting is one of those things in life that really brings people together – often uncomfortably close together, for a little bit too long. That arduous drive, or ride, to and from our work five days a week can be exhausting, stressful and just plain annoying, not to mention expensive. But flexible working is gaining traction, with four million of us now working from home and others working flexible hours. There are plenty of reasons to go for it and cut down on your commute – it’s better for you, possibly your car insurance and for the environment as well. 

cars gridlocked during commute

Stress less

The rush and hassle of commuting can leave you feeling tired and stressed out before the work day has even begun. Going in an hour later, when the traffic is calmer, can make a world of difference. As for working from home, the reduced commute from bed to desk in your trusty slippers is bound to bring your heart rate down.

Rest your wheels

If you’re working too hard, then your car probably is too. Give it a break from the daily to-and-fro and it’ll thank you – well, it won’t, because it’s a car and it can’t talk, but it’ll certainly be saving on wear and tear.

Cleaner, greener

Less fuel used means less pollution. Driving an eco-friendly car will make a difference of course, but then there’s that little added good feeling of doing your bit by leaving it in the driveway to give the planet a break.

Save time, save money

Setting off for work after rush hour could get you to work faster meaning less wasted time. Working from home obviously means you can start instantly (well, as soon as you’ve had breakfast – it’s the most important meal of the day, you know). Plus, driving less means lower annual mileage, something that could push down your insurance premium. Win-win.

Better balance

That elusive work-life balance – finding it can sometimes feel like a job in itself. Working a day or two from home can really help make you feel on more of an even keel. Compared with a five-day commute, it’s a no-brainer.