Is the UK in a dirty car epidemic?

Check how your city fares in the clean v dirty car comparison

Have you ever been driving down the road and noticed a car or two that could do with a wash? Well, chances are you’d be right…as our latest research has shown that Britain is experiencing a dirty car epidemic!

Over two million motorists have never washed their car (!!), while 4.7 million motorists admit to neglecting the chore of the car wash for at least the last year.

Washing the car seems to be pretty low down on many of our to-do lists, with over one in four motorists preferring to do the gardening and even the household bills admin. Nearly one in five would also opt for washing the dog, ahead of washing their car.

With this in mind, we wanted to investigate where the dirty car culprits lived. It turns out that drivers in Oxford were the least likely to clean their cars on a regular basis. Fellow University town, Cambridge, was second on the list, followed by Norwich and Leicester.

On the other end of the car-cleaning spectrum, Aberystwyth, in Wales, took the crown for the town with the most car-proud drivers, followed by Gloucester and Birmingham.

Check out our interactive map which details the cleanest and dirtiest cities for cars around the UK.

The dirtiest and cleanest car cities in the UK.

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