Car insurance excess 101

Your cheap car insurance excess is the amount you agree to pay when making a claim. It will come in two parts: the compulsary excess which the insurer will set and the voluntary excess, which you can choose to reduce or increase.

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A little more

Agreeing to a larger voluntary excess could save you more money as it could reduce the cost of your overall premium over the year. But make sure you can afford to pay the excess when you need to make a claim.

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A little less

Accidents never come with a plan. That’s why they’re called accidents. You might want to choose a lower excess so you can afford to make a claim at a moment’s notice.

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No ifs or buts. You’ve got to pay.

When making a claim you’ll need to pay the whole excess, no matter what. If the accident wasn’t your fault there could be times when the other driver accepts fault and will pay it, or when you may get it back, but you should never assume this when setting the amount of excess you can afford.

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