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Since its launch way back in the 1980s, four and a half million Fiat Pandas have been sold worldwide. So it’s clearly an enduring classic, but what makes it so great?

Why is the Fiat Panda so special?

As a car manufacturer, Fiat's style-wise, they’ve come a long way from the funny shaped box on wheels with pointy badger nose that they once were. But there’s something cute about it. And so perhaps it’s this quirkiness that makes the Panda such a popular car.

The one major advantage the Panda has over its rivals such as the VW Up! is that it’s a bit different. Its design is based on circles and squares – or as Fiat like to call them ‘squircles’ and this aesthetic philosophy is echoed throughout the car. According to Fiat it’s not just designed with ‘squircles’ in mind because they look good, apparently ‘squircles’ improve the Panda’s ‘aerodynamic efficiency’ it also means there’s a lot of space on the inside which makes it a comfy drive even for four grown-ups.

Fiat have tried to think of everything when it comes to selling the Panda and they’ve made sure there’s lots and lots of storage space, as they have done with the Fiat 500 and the well-known Fiat Punto. There are 14 storage compartments throughout the car, even the handbrake has been shrunk in order to make space for your phone or hot drink.

The Panda’s a tall car and you get raised seating which makes for good visibility, coupled with its light steering, it’s ideal for nipping around town and parking in small spaces. It’s definitely a city car and tests have shown it struggles with noise and lack of power when it comes to bigger, faster roads.

Boot space is ok – 225 litres and if you fold down the back seats you can increase that even more to 260 litres – but that will mean no space for rear passengers. If you wanted split seats in the back in order to accommodate more junk in the trunk and seat a passenger, you’ll have to pay for it as an optional extra.

What about insurance?

There are a few engine choices to choose from and all of them are at the lower end of the insurance scale so whatever you go for, won’t cost you the earth to insure. And if it’s the Earth you’re worried about, the 0.9 litre engine twinair version is below the carbon emissions threshold for excise duty so you won’t have to pay car tax on it.

As well as the engine choices, there are four trim levels available (the Pop, Easy, Lounge and Trekking) which means there’s bound to be a configuration that suits you. For the adventurous there’s even a cross over and 4x4 version of the Panda too (yes, really).

Insurance group

Model Insurance Group
Pop 3, 7
Easy 4, 7
Easy + 6
Lounge 3, 7
Trekking 6, 7, 12
compare fiat panda car insurance

For young drivers, the Panda can also save you some money – it’s one of the cheapest cars for 17-24 years olds to insure – £867.27* compared to insuring a Vauxhall Corsa (the most popular car for young people) at £1,162.23*.

Insurance quotes are based on multiple factors, such as your age, your job, where you live, your car, how you use it and of course, your claims history. So it’s unlikely that you’ll find identical packages with identical prices. So if cost is still an issue then perhaps consider:

  • Increasing your voluntary excess – this can mean lower premiums but make sure that you can afford the total excess if you come to claim.
  • Telematics – or black box insurance, monitors how you drive and could result in lower premiums faster than traditionally building up years of no claims discount.
  • Being accurate about mileage and use – rounding up your miles could bump you into the next price band and cars used for commuting and racking up miles will mean higher premiums (the more you use your car, the more chance you have of claiming). So be accurate – if you only use your car for pottering around town then say so – it could save you some cash.
  • Upgrading your security – storing your car in a secure garage or on a drive is the ultimate in terms of making your insurer happy but failing that, investing in an approved security device could help. Just remember you might have to speak directly to your insurer to get the saving reflected.
  • Named driver – if you’re a young driver and want to save even more money, think about getting yourself added as a named driver on your parent’s policy. However, you should only do this if you’re an occasional driver, if you end up being the main driver you’ll be committing a crime known as ‘fronting’ which is bad – so don’t do it.

Always compare

It’s all very well trying to save money by every means possible, but there’s one very obvious way – and that’s to comparethemarket with us. We make searching easy, just tell us more about you and your Panda and we’ll take it from there – no fuss, no bother, just simples.

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