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Compare Fiat Punto Car Insurance

The Fiat Punto remains a popular supermini. On our roads since way back in 1993, well over 9 million of them have been produced and sold by the Italian car giant.

Lauded not only as a practical small car with stylish looks and smart interiors, the new Punto’s have won praise for their engines and performance too. The nippy 1.4 Multiair boasts up to 134bhp with strong, smooth acceleration.

Averaging over 50mpg, the Punto is relatively fuel efficient too but what of the cost of car insurance. Will the Punto leave your wallet dented?

Insuring the Fiat Punto

As with all other cars, the cost of insuring a Fiat depends on lots of different things. Some of these relate to the car itself while a number relate to you, the driver.

Among the factors that go into calculating the cost of your car insurance are the following:

  • Your age
  • How long you’ve been driving
  • Where you live
  • How many miles a year you will drive
  • Your cars market value
  • Which ‘insurance group’ the car belongs to

To get an actual quote for a Fiat Punto, Fiat 500, Fiat Panda or any of the other models this car manufacturer offers, you can use our comparison service. For a more general idea of whether a Punto is cheap to insure we can look at what insurance group the car belongs to.

The insurance group is a rating system devised by insurance bodies which gives all cars a group number between 1 and 50. Typically, group 1 means cheap, while group 50 will cost you much more. The rating takes into account a number of different things such including how powerful the car is, how cheap it is to repair, and the cost of spare parts.

Punto insurance groups

There are nine current versions of the Punto, with all but the action packed Turbo falling into relatively modest insurance groups as you can see below:

Model Insurance group
Pop 6 - 11
Pop + 8
TwinAir 11
Easy 7 - 15
Easy+ 8 - 10
Lounge 9 - 19
Sporting 11 -16
GBT 8 -16

As you can see, the variations give rise to differences in insurance group within most of the model types.

While the cost of your individual policywill depend on your circumstances, we can tell you from our data, that the average Punto insurance through Compare the Market in May 2018 was £940.18.*

*Based on Compare the Market data from May 2018.

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Comparing against other cars

How does this compare with other similarly priced cars we hear you ask? Well based on the same periods data we can show you the following (it’s worth noting that these average price will vary depending on many varied factors including the age and history of those applying for insurance)*:

Model Average Price
Fiat Punto


Ford Fiesta


Mini One £742.87
SEAT Ibiza £902.03
Volkswagen Polo


Vauxhall Corsa £946.42

*Based on Compare the Market data from May 2018.

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Fiat Punto insurance

When it comes to car insurance for a Fiat Punto, it always makes sense to compare. Finding out what you could save is simple, just use our car insurance comparison service to see how much you could save on your Fiat Punto insurance today.