Try our Five fun tests to find out who's the better driver

We’re on your side – you’re definitely the better driver. You’ve known it all along, haven’t you? Well, now you can gather up your failed-four-times work buddy, your smug parents and your judgy other half and actually prove, once and for all, that you win. And you don’t even need to get into a car.

Light-speed Reaction Times

There are a couple of places online where you can check out who has the quickest reaction time., or download Burn The Rope, an easy to play iPhone game where you can furiously compare scores. We all know that having lightning fast reactions is important for a driver, as you have to be able to brake, signal and change direction if there are hazards around you. And with the amount of people who charge into the road, pigeons with a death wish and constant, unexpected roadworks, this skill is tested pretty often. In fact, one reason that drink-driving is so dangerous, is that alcohol makes your reactions slow. Plus, the longer it takes you to react, the longer your braking time.

Knowing where you’re going

As any decent SatNav will tell you, you don’t have to be able to read a map to know how to get from A to B anymore. However, understanding where you’re going is still a pretty key part of driving, even if it’s just from following directions. There’s a weirdly entertaining game called Geoguessr which drops you in a random place in the UK and you have to find out where you are as quickly as possible. Play it in Challenge mode and see whose inner compass is most finely tuned. (Hint: it’s you.)

reading a map driving test


Concentrating on the task at hand is important, not only so that you can make swift decisions as your environment changes, but also so that you’re aware of the conditions you might be driving in. Apparently concentration can improve in learner drivers when they chew gum, so get yourself a packet of spearmints and settle down to play a game of Simon. Yep, remember this ‘80s classic? Follow the colours and sounds and try and get a high score. If you’re determined enough, your concentration will outrank your peers. We believe in you.

fun driving tests for friends


A calm driver is a safer driver. Hands down. Intense emotions can have a massive impact on driving ability – whether that’s anger, excitement or just hysterical crying (no judgement here, we’ve all been there). To test your overall anger levels, there’s this great little quiz. Remember to answer honestly, though, otherwise you won’t get the true satisfaction of knowing that you won fair and square. To be honest, one sure-fire way of knowing you’ve passed this round is not getting angry if you lose this little bet. Just something to remember later, in case this all goes a bit wrong…

better driver test - taking a rest

Highway Code

Yes, remember this little book of rules (that you definitely 100% remember.) The good old Highway Code was first published in 1931 and its objective was to promote and educate drivers on road safety. If all the drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians and animals (yes, really!) started ignoring these guidelines, there’d be chaos. Test how well you know the Highway Code on their handy little site filled with quizzes. Just pick the same one and compare how you do (so that it’s fair).

driving quiz - planning route

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We should probably just quickly remind you that, although your inevitable win is an epic achievement, doing well in any of the above tests is only an indicator of your driving ability and skill. To be the safest driver you can be, ensure you have a good working knowledge of the Highway Code, drive as smoothly and carefully as possible.

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