Hatchback cars are making a comeback

New figures show that the hatch is in fashion again – in keeping with a trend towards more economical driving.

Tom Harrison
Content writer
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Posted 15 OCTOBER 2019

There has been an ‘astonishing recovery’ in demand for hatchbacks at the expense of larger cars, according to new research from AA Financial Services.

The economical cars are making a big comeback, with demand up from 37% in January to 41% in July as the main family car, and soaring from 27% to 40% as a second car.

At the same time, the popularity of some larger vehicles is falling, with the 4X4, for example, down from 8% to 6% as a primary car in the same period, and 13% to 7% as a second car.

Warren d’Souza, Head of insight at AA Financial Services, said: “When times are uncertain, people tend to want to hang on to their cash, which may explain why new private car sales have fallen over the past year.

“When people do think about which car they would like to buy, their economic concerns are leading to more prudent choice of cars that are less heavy on family finances.”

Warren added: “Our research tells us that savings are the most popular way people pay for their cars, while those choosing finance options such as a personal loan want to keep their outgoings to a minimum, as the country goes through changes that are likely to affect everyone’s financial situation.”

Who wants a hatchback?

As well as being popular with drivers looking for a family car, hatchbacks are in demand with people buying a car for work – up from 27% to 35%.

Women are most likely to buy hatchbacks, although their interest in buying them has fallen from 52% to 46%. But demand from men is up, with an increase of 13 percentage points (27%-40%).

When it comes to age, the largest growth in demand for hatchbacks is among 25-34 year-olds, up from 32% to 38%, and the 55 age group, with demand rising from 37% to 43%.

Regionally, in London demand from 4X4s has fallen from 12% to 8% in six months, while for hatchbacks it has risen from 27% to 35%. And in the South West, it’s up from 33% to 38%.