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How to Save Money on High Cost Car Insurance

If you want to save money on your cheap car insurance, then our research shows that you should get a quote three weeks before your renewal date. If you leave it until the last minute then that decision will cost you £334.00 on average.

Save Money With Early Insurance

Of course it is tempting to leave your insurance until you actually have to deal with it. You’re busy, your car is legal and you are doing nothing wrong. Most people do exactly that and pay the price for it when people leave it until the last day of their policy before coming to our price comparison service to check the options and see if they can make a saving. 

how to save money on high cost car insurance
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Does it have to be three weeks specifically?

Whilst it is optimal to get your premium three weeks in advance, you can also make a substantial savings by completing this within a one or two week period. Our data shows that car insurance premiums increase significantly between 7-14 days of being due, meaning that you can still save a substantial amount if you fall short of the three week mark.

How does this affect the different age groups of drivers?

Our data has shown that younger drivers tend to save the most money by switching their insurance policy three weeks early. A driver under the age of 24 would average a saving of £293.28. Whilst this does decrease amongst the rising age groups in steady correlation, there are still fantastic savings to be made for older drivers.

Drivers within the 25-34 age group save on average of £30.26 less than a driver under 24, however this is still an incredible saving of £263.02 on your car insurance premium for switching earlier than your renewal date. Drivers between the 35-44 age group see a more substantial drop with their average savings coming to a total of £192.36.

If you fit into the 55-64 category, you can still find joy in savings that average £180.31 per year. As previously touched upon, drivers over the age of 65 tend to save the least with a total premium of £141.24.

Why am I saving less money as an older driver?

There are an array of factors to consider here, whilst you may find that a younger driver with much less experience is saving more money on his car insurance premium, he is most likely still paying more than you would for the same vehicle. Whilst your savings are lower, your insurance premium would tend to be too.

So if you want to know how much you could save on your insurance, you can compare quotes now and make sure that you’re getting the best policy at the right price for you. 

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