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How can I prove that I’m not a risky driver?

We’ve all got a past and the annoying thing about insurance is that it’s not very good at letting bygones be bygones. Driving history is like the human version of a slimy slug trail following you around spelling out to the world exactly what you’ve been up to. But all is not lost –here’s what you can do to put an end to your own trail of shame.

Why is car insurance expensive for young, student drivers?

Car insurance is a requirement by law, you’ll need it to drive any vehicle, so sadly, you’re just going to have to get it if you want to be on the road. But if you’re a young driver and a student it can sometimes feel like your wallet’s taken a hit.


Young drivers are usually have a lack of driving history and statistics show that more than a quarter (26%) of young drivers are involved in an accident within two years of passing their test, usually in daylight. Research also shows that young drivers are risky drivers – exactly 25% of drivers aged 17-24 attributed careless behaviour as the cause of an accident, such as not looking properly or driving too fast.


And if you’re a student the bad news just keeps on coming. Universities and colleges tend to be in big towns and cities where the threat of crime is never far away. Insurance providers – will base your premium based on your postcode, so living in halls of residence in a highly populated, built up city will typically be more expensive than a low crime, safe, country home.

How can I prove that I'm not a risky driver?
building your no claims discount

Earn your no claims discount

If your insurance provider offers no claims discount and you’ve driven for a year without making a claim, then you may have earned yourself a year’s no claims discount (NCD). And every year you go without claiming, will be another year’s NCD racked up on your insurance policy. The discount on your premium will increase with every claim free year. 

You can usually transfer your NCD to another insurance provider as well so don’t assume you have to stick with the same one when it comes to renewing.

One thing to note though, is that if you’re a named driver on a policy, you may not be able to build up your own NCD – but it’s always worth checking. Some insurance providers may give you a discount if you have evidence of being on a policy that hasn’t claimed.

Telematics (black box insurance)

A telematics policy comes with an app on your phone or a ‘black box’ device, that will need installing in your car, which will record how and when you drive. It’ll also register your acceleration and brake movements as well as document the type of roads you drive on.

If you don’t mind being judged by an inanimate object, it could save you money. If your insurance provider deems you’re driving ‘safely’ they may lower your premium to reflect this.

what is black box insurance

Pass Plus

Taking a Pass Plus course may help improve your practical driving skills – and it’ll be looked upon favourably by some insurance providers who may offer you a discount on your car insurance.

You’ll need to have evidence that you’ve actually done the course and if you complete it, you’ll be given a certificate that your insurance provider will want to see. If you don’t have a car right now but have finished your Pass plus you may be able to defer the discount for up to two years. Always check with your insurance provider as each will have their own rules about this.

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