A simples guide

How to buy a car

Buying a car isn’t like buying a pint of milk – you can’t just pick one up and take it to the checkout, unless you’ve got plenty of cash burning a hole in your pocket. Car purchases are big purchases and like anything that demands lots and lots of money, you need to think about all the options.

To buy new or nearly new?

The first thing you’ll probably ask yourself when buying a car is whether you want one new or used. New is great because you won’t have to deal with any of those in-between the seat crumbs or that smell which keeps hanging around.


The best things in life are new…

New cars also come with warranties so you can be confident that any technical glitches will be sorted out. Plus, if you love a gadget or two then buying new is a no brainer – new cars are more likely to have all the bells and whistles that make driving pleasurable; a decent sound system, auto parking, rear view cameras and even cup holders.


…unless they’re not new

If a brand new car doesn’t set your engine on fire, then maybe you should consider ‘nearly new’ or used. If you’re buying one from a dealer though, you might find they come with limited warranties. Unlike brand spanking new models, used cars have a history and hopefully all the little gremlins and glitches have been sorted out.

Paying for your new (or not new) car

Of course whether a car’s new or used, it still comes at a price so the next question is whether you can afford to buy it outright with savings, or need to investigate a finance deal (which you can usually get from the car dealership), or consider a loan. Discover all your options in our guide to car finance.

 And don’t forget your insurance

 But that’s not all - remember you’ll need to tax your car and sort out the insurance. It’s just as well you’re here then! We’re one of the largest comparison sites in the UK and we can help you search and compare insurance for a car that’s caught your eye. And if the results make you choke on your biscuit, you can find out here what affects your car insurance and how you could get cheaper car insurance

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