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Compare Hyundai i20 Car Insurance

Choosing a car is hard, sometimes there are just too many options and all the talk about engines and how many horses it needs to brake is just too much – and let’s be honest many of us have no idea what it all means. Part of the problem is not knowing how much a car is going to cost you in the long run – like how much forking out for car insurance is likely to be. So if you’re thinking of buying a Hyundai i20, well then you’re in luck – here’s some information about what you can expect.

What’s so special about the Hyundai i20?

If you’re considering an i20 then you may be a practical person. The i20’s nearest rivals are the likes of the Ford Fiesta, the Skoda Fabia and VW Polo but unlike all those other cars, the i20 comes with Hyundai’s five year unlimited mileage warranty which should stave off any maintenance worries.

The i20 is also made for the real world, despite being classed as a ‘supermini’ it’s actually got lots of space. You can fit three people in the back quite comfortably without too much risk of awkward knee touching. The high roof and wide opening doors also means its practical for family life and struggling with child car seats is a thing of the past with the i20.

Similar to the i10, this car manufacturer has made the boot a generous size and can hold a whopping 326 litres compared to the rather meagre 280 of the VW Polo in comparison. But the space doesn’t end there, rear passenger door bins are big enough to hold a 750 ml bottle no less – great for hydration but perhaps map out frequent loo stops before you set off.

Up front and there are two decent sized cup holders and the glovebox is big enough to store your lunch. And because the i20 is oh so practical, on the SE model and above you can even chill the glovebox so it’s bye-bye to warm, soggy sandwiches.

So what about Hyundai i20 insurance then?

Chilled glovebox, lots of space – there must be a catch? But insurance groupings are fairly modest as are car tax bands (although these are due to be changed in 2017). So your lovely new i20 won’t cost you the earth to run either – here are the vital statistics.

compare hyundai i20 car insurance

Insurance and tax

Model Insurance group Car tax band
S 4E Band C (£30 per year)
S Air 4E Band C (£30 per year)
S Blue 5E Band A (£0 per year)
SE 5E, 9E, 10E (engine dependent) Bands A, B, C, F (£0, £20, £30, £145 espectively, per year)
Go! Special Edition 5E Band C (£30 per year)
Premium 5E, 8E, 10E, 11E Bands B, C, F (£20, £30, £145 respectively, per year)
Premium Nav 5E, 9E, 10E, 11E Bands B, C, F (£20, £30, £145 respectively, per year)
Premium SE 6E, 9E, 10E, 11E Bands B, C, F (£20, £30, £145 respectively, per year)
Premium SE Nav 6E, 9E, 11E Bands B, C, F (£20, £30, £145 respectively, per year
Active 9E Band B (£20 per year)
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Young drivers can also heave a sigh of relief, the i20 is one of the more economical cars to insure if you’re aged between 17 and 24. The average cost of insuring an i20 for a young driver is £809.67* compared to an average of £1162.17* for the most popular cars, which should leave you with change for some fluffy dice or that 750 ml bottle of water.

What information will I need to give when I compare insurance?

It’s all pretty straightforward – no awkward questions about the Highway Code or braking distances, the questions we’ll ask you are about you and your i20. Your insurance is tailored to you, based on things like your age, job, where you live, how many miles you drive and of course – your claims history. What one insurer will quote you might not be the same as another so it can quite literally pay to search.

And if you want to stretch the pennies even further, you could try telematics (black box) insurance which monitors how you drive and could result in lower premiums. Other ways of reducing your insurance, include opting to pay a higher voluntary excess (although make sure you can actually afford the total excess (compulsory + voluntary) if you need to claim) as well as securing your car in a locked garage or on a drive overnight. But you know, you can save yourself even more money by making sure you comparethemarket because not all packages will be the same.

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