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Car insurance for older drivers

If you’re an older driver, you’ll typically be benefitting from some of the lowest rates of car insurance available. However, it’s still advisable to shop around to make sure you’re getting a deal that’s right for you.

Is car insurance cheaper for older drivers?

Yes, it usually is. Older drivers tend to have more experience behind the wheel and are statistically less likely to have an accident. As a result, their car insurance premiums are significantly cheaper than less experienced drivers.

According to our Premium Drivers report in March 2017, 65-79 year olds paid an average of £318** for their car insurance, while those in their 50s and early 60s have an average premium of £406**. Compare that to the average cost of car insurance in the UK, which stands at £664.20*** per year according to data from comparethemarket.com, and the savings are obvious.

And there are other factors that you might not have considered. For example, older drivers tend to own more reliable cars and drive fewer miles, something that insurance companies look positively on.

It’s worth noting, though, that while car insurance premiums usually decrease as you age, drivers over the age of 80 tend to find that their premiums begin to rise again, due to their increased risk of having an accident. According to our Premium Drivers report, drivers aged 80 and older pay, on average, £496** for their car insurance, which is still considerably less than the UK’s average.

Should I choose a specialist over 50s insurance provider?

Alongside car insurance policies specifically designed for those aged 50 and over, some insurance providers specialise in providing cover for older drivers. You could find that these specialists, such as Rias, Saga and Age UK, offer added benefits that you might not find with some mainstream providers. For example:

Car insurance for older drivers
  • There’s no upper age limit, so you can get insurance even if you’re in your 90s.
  • Protection of your non claims bonus (NCB) if you’re hit by an uninsured driver.
  • courtesy car or a ‘get you home’ service is usually offered as standard, so you know you can get home safely should your car break down.
  • Some policies will allow any driver to drive your car and take you back home if you have to cut your journey short because of a medical emergency.

However, if you’re over 50, you can still purchase a regular car insurance policy if this proves to be the most suitable option for you. Getting the right deal for you doesn’t have to be about fitting into an age group, it’s about getting a policy to meet your needs as a driver, regardless of your age.

How do I renew my driving licence after I’m 70?

Your driving licence will expire when you reach 70, so you’ll need to renew it if you want to continue to drive. It’s free of charge and you can do it online or by post using the D46P application form. You’ll have to renew it every three years afterwards and you’ll be sent a reminder when it’s time to do so.

How can I find cheap car insurance for older drivers?

Take a look at our top tips for cheap car insurance or advice for anyone over 50 looking for cheap car insurance. But for a quick way to get a fair price on a policy that best suits you, compare car insurance now. We’ll compare quotes from more than 100 of the UK’s car insurance providers and show you policies based on price, policy cover level, add-ons or annual or monthly payment terms – helping you decide on a policy that’s right for you.

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