Do you keep putting off looking at your insurance because there are far more interesting things to do? Are you pushing that little voice firmly to the back of your mind? Ignoring that annoying, niggly feeling that you really should just put some time aside and look at it properly?


Sound like you? Well, rest assured, you’re not alone.’s Institute of Inertia has been doing lots of research into why we put off doing all those little jobs that will make our lives easier in the long run; and it seems that lots of us are guilty of leaving things to the last minute.


Live for today, prepare for tomorrow

Living in the moment certainly sounds appealing. Accepting that some issues are just a part of everyday life and we shouldn’t worry about them seems like quite a calm approach. In fact there is a growing movement in the UK, known as Mindfulness, that encourages us to do exactly that. But is this really as stress-free as it sounds? Not planning ahead can leave you unprepared and rushing to do things at the last minute, which can create more stress in the long run. That’s where we can help. Well, with your insurance, at least.


Create some calm with  

Whether you’re a living in the moment, ‘fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants’ type, or someone who plans ahead, renewing your vehicle or home insurance is probably not the first thing on your mind. That’s where we come in. If you compare and take out your car, motorbike, van or home insurance through, we’ve got you covered.


Our helpful email reminders will keep you on top of when you need to renew your insurance. But don’t worry, we’re not going to overload your inbox! A gentle reminder 28 days before your renewal date, and then one each week up to your renewal date or until you take action, should help to create some calm in the general chaos of life.


What’s more, with hundreds of insurance providers to compare at your fingertips, when it’s time to do your renewal quote you can you rest assured that you can find the right level of cover for you.


Which means you can get back to the really important business of actually living your life!