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Is my no claims valid if it was gained in another country?

If you’ve been working or living abroad and have just got back to the UK or you’ve just arrived, there’s probably a lot of things that you’re still having to readjust to. Things like sarcasm, our brilliant weather and queuing. Hefty car insurance quotes could take getting used to as well if you’ve been away for a couple of years and have been told your no claims discount is no longer valid. But if you’ve not claimed on your insurance whilst you’ve been driving abroad there’s still hope that you can get a competitive quote – want to find out more? Read on.

How do I earn a no claims discount?

For every year you drive without making a claim on your insurance, you gain one year’s worth of no claims discount (NCD or sometimes known as a no claims bonus). Each year of no claims will knock off a little bit more from your car insurance premium.

The maximum number of years you can build up in no claims discounts is dependent on the insurance provider. Some will cap it at five years, others nine and the generous will keep discounting up to 15 years’ worth.

By the time you do get to five years of no claims you could be seeing a significant reduction in your premium. This is one of the reasons why young drivers get slapped with high insurance quotes – there’s no history of no claims to offset their premium against.

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How do I lose a no claims discount?

Like all battles, a NCD can be hard to win but very easy to lose. You can lose it or have it reduced in a number of ways. A named driver on your policy who has an accident will see your NCD reduced and your premium will probably increase, as will claiming for an accident even if you weren’t to blame. If you do have an accident and the other party coughs up for all the damage and your insurer doesn’t need to pay out or can recover its claim payment from the other driver’s insurer, then this may not impact your future premium.

If you decide not to have your own insurance policy for two or more years, then you could find your NCD invalid when you look for a quote. So if you moved abroad or decided not to have your own policy for a couple of years then you’ll have to start earning your NCD all over again. Some insurers may be more lenient and declare a NCD invalid after three years rather than two so it’s important to check if you’re on that cusp.

I’ve been driving abroad for the last few years, can I use my no claims discount from that?

This depends on the insurance provider, some won’t recognise no claims discounts earned abroad, others will but only from specific countries. If this is the case for you, then you should always compare different providers. If you find a provider that will accept foreign no claims discounts, it’s likely you’ll need evidence to prove what you’ve earned, you may be asked for:

• Details of the policy (in English) on official company headed paper
• Confirmation of the main driver’s name (to make sure it really was you)
• Details of the vehicle you drove
• Confirmation of the number of years the no claims was built over
• The date your policy expired

You should note that if your policy from abroad expired two or more years ago your NCD may still be declared invalid, any queries should be raised with the provider.

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How do I know I’m getting the best quote possible?

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