Can I save money with additional drivers?

If you're looking to save money on car insurance, you've probably wondered how you might go about it. Is there such a thing as a joint policy? Will adding new named drivers on your existing policy lead to a decrease in your premium? We investigate below.

Daniel Hutson From the Motor team
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How can I get cheaper car insurance by adding named drivers to my policy?

The secret lies in adding the right drivers. While adding your 20-year-old, party-loving, university-going son will almost certainly lead to an increase in your premiums, adding your 40-something partner, who happens to boast a clean, no-claims driving record, could lead to a decrease.

Adding multiple named drivers to your car insurance policy will also work in your favour if you are the one who's considered 'high risk' (i.e. you're particularly young, old or inexperienced). If you can share your car with an experienced driver who has a good driving history, you could reduce the cost of your premium by adding them to your policy.

Does the type of car you drive affect your insurance premium when it comes to adding multiple named drivers?

Most definitely, yes. For example, if your dad owns a Ferrari, it may be cheaper to share your car and have him as a named driver on your modest hatchback, than for you to use and get insured on his beast of a machine.

What is ‘fronting’ and why should I avoid it?

Fronting is a type of insurance fraud . It refers to getting someone more experienced than yourself to be named as the main driver on your vehicle, even though you are the one who's doing most of the driving. If you're found guilty of fronting, your policy could become invalid and you could also find yourself in a heap of trouble with the law.

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