Kids vs Adults: Dream Cars

What you think makes a great car vs. what your kids think

You might be the ones buying the new family motor and car insurance but it’s not just your opinion that counts. Oh no. Modern parents seriously care what their kids want from a car these days.

Our study shows around 33% of parents will be swayed on their car purchase decision by the opinion of their children. Yes, really. Not that the kids appreciate it – 23% of respondents to our recent survey admitted they were embarrassed to be seen in their parent’s car when they were young.**

So, we decided to ask real families just what makes their perfect car… parents versus kids. And the results were, well, interesting!

Fasten your seat belts, people, this could be a bumpy ride.

1. It’s all about that boot

Emma Grayley, 38, from Brighton, mum to Laura, 5, a wannabe dog trainer and Ben, 7, who can speak backwards on command.

“The moment you have kids what car you drive is all about the size of the boot,” says Emma.

“I want to be able to chuck everything and the kitchen sink in the back! Sporty two-seaters are very much a thing of the past for me. My best tip is to keep nappy bags with you at all times. I chuck anything messy the kids inevitably have with them in them and, because they’re completely mess-proof, it keeps my car that little bit cleaner.”

kids in a boot

The results

Although we love the sound of backseat hot-tubbing with a dolphin we have to (reluctantly) give this one to the parents. Not least because the boot would have to be fairly large to facilitate such a thing in the first place.

Mum wins on the practicality front. But we reckon the kids’ version would be so much more fun.

2. Clean sweep

Tattoo-obsessed Luke Pitcher, 27, is from North London and is dad to football fanatic Adam, aged 6. They love going to watch Arsenal whenever they can, where they both eat as many pies as they can get their hands on.

“It’s fairly important to me that everything can be wiped clean,” explains Luke. “You know, because kids and cars equals constant mess. Plus, Adam is always clambering in and out of the car in muddy footie boots. You get the picture.”

kids in a car

The results

A study by Auto Trader, revealed colour was the most likely area for kids to successfully persuade their parents on (26% influenced their parents’ choice of colour).

It’s a commonly held belief that the colour you choose for your car might negatively affect your car insurance rates, but this has no substantiation in reality and your car insurance provider wont charge you more money on the basis of what colour you choose.

One study from New Zealand (published in the British Medical Journal in 2003) looked at the effect of car colour and the risk of an accident resulting in serious injury, and suggested that silver might be considered the safest car colour, however there are so many other factors involved in an accident so it really is impossible to be certain how much colour has to do with it.

Red it is, Adam. Although Luke’s wipe clean idea is also excellent. May we suggest leather seats? 

3. The sound clash

Tracy Morgan, 47, is a mum who lives in Surrey, where she works in sales. Her son George, 12, is completely and hopelessly obsessed with musician and producer Sketpa, who he got a selfie with last year.

“Safety, surely has to be the most important factor? It’s a no-brainer, especially as I’d like to teach George to drive in my car one day,” says Tracy.

toy car

The results

Sorry George, we’ve got to go with your mum on this one, a government poll found that adjusting a radio, CD player, or MP3 player was one of the largest distractions while driving - so rowing over the level of the music is a massive no.

Thankfully, these rows could soon be a thing of the past. At last year’s international meeting of the Consumer Technology Association in Las Vegas, Harman presented a new Individual Sound Zone technology, which could allow all passengers in the car to listen to whatever they want in their own audio zones without disturbing other passengers. Sounds absolutely epic.

4. The eco-runner

Charlotte Cousin, a 35-year-old accountant who lives in South London, shares custody of her daughter, ballet-obsessive Rebecca, 6, with her ex-husband Mark who lives in Southampton.

“It’s got to be fairly economical on fuel for me to consider purchasing it, especially as I’m always driving Rebecca around,” says mum.

toy car and baby

The results

A recent study showed that fuel efficiency is the second most important factor** when buying a new car, so it’s got to be a tie, hasn’t it?

According to this year’s study from research firm Bloomberg New Energy Finance, our desire to make our cars run as economically as possible could result in electric cars being widely used on our roads within the next decade. “By 2022,” the report says, “the unsubsidised total cost of ownership of BEVs (battery electric vehicles) will fall below that of an internal combustion engine vehicle.” In other words, battery cars are about to become a lot cheaper, which will be excellent news for families such as Charlotte’s as it could mean more efficient running costs.

**Based on OnePoll surveys of 1,000 adults in October 2016 on behalf of

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