How well do you know your road signs?

Put your knowledge to the test...

Whether you’re a seasoned driver or new to the roads, take our quick road sign quiz and see how many you recognise. But no cheating…

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Now you’ve conquered our quiz, take a look at this selection of wonderfully weird signs found on roads across the world.

Bird is the word

Comic yet tragic, these straight-talking signs found in Cape Tribulation, Australia, show a cassowary before and after being hit by a car. Ranked among the world’s most dangerous birds, cassowaries can grow up to two metres tall, so hopefully you should spot these endangered creatures in plenty of time.

Cape Tribulation sign, Australia

Wheel deal

In Ljubljana, Slovenia, this bizarre combination of images means no vehicles drawn by animals, no hand carts and no bikes. Whether than means cars and motorbikes are allowed is anyone’s guess.

Ljubljana sign, Slovenia

Attention grabbing

This terrifying sign, near a lake in Hämeenlinna, Finland, warns walkers of the dangers of drowning due to flowing water and thin ice. It’s enough to put anyone off a quick dip!

Hämeenlinna sign, Finland

Hop it!

Frogs prohibited? Giant toad alert? Actually, this sign found on rural roads in Germany indicates that there’s a frog or toad crossing coming up. Around 20 passageways have been created for the amphibians near Stuttgart, so the little hoppers can safely cross via tunnels under the road.

Stuttgart sign, Germany

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