Learner drivers

Learning to drive means freedom, but it can be a confusing and expensive time. But fear not – here, you’ll find loads of handy tips to get you on the road. Don’t forget your car insurance – you’ll need cover even when you’re learning.

Whether you’re learning to drive in your parent’s car or getting your best friend to teach you (whether you’ll stay BFF is another matter) – we can help you. Find out what you need to know about your provisional driving licence and what cover you need alongside it.

And once you’ve passed your test…Well, then it’s time to sort out your very own car insurance policy, we’ve also set out some practical tips for new driver insurance. Plus, if you’re really flash and are importing your car then here’s what you can expect.

How to help your parents buy your first car

You’ve put in the leg-work, the clutch-work, the “mirrors, signals and turn” on top of working out what a dipstick is for. You’ve passed your practical driving test - congratulations! Now, comes the tougher part – convincing the bank of mum and dad to give you a helping hand with your first car.

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Young drivers to pay £1000 for car insurance

The average cost of car insurance for young drivers has now risen to £1000. Our latest research shows that the average car insurance premium across all age groups is at its highest since 2012- with under 25s fairing worst. In fact, young drivers that aren’t shopping around for cheap car insurance could be left with a bill of over £1230!


Why is young driver insurance so expensive?

Simply put, it’s because younger drivers are a lot more likely to be involved in an accident when driving than older drivers.


Insurance companies keep very close eyes on statistics, and ever since the car was invented teens and early twenty-somethings have been getting into more accidents (and worse accidents, for that matter) than the older and more experienced drivers. 

Let’s compare learner driver insurance

The best things in life are free – unless you’re learning to drive, which is definitely not free (as you’re probably discovering). It’s not just the cost of lessons, it’s the insurance too.

Which is why getting insurance for learner drivers is a good thing. It typically offers comprehensive cover to let you drive someone else’s car and policies are usually flexible, so you can take out short term cover from a day up to 12 months.

Learner driver insurance usually comes with exclusions such as no driving between certain hours. It’s also hands off the Porsche as driving high insurance group cars is usually a no-no. But it does mean it can work out cheaper than being added as a named driver to an existing policy, and learner driver insurance means that there’s no risk to the car owner’s no claims discount. So, who does offer learner driver insurance? Well, let’s compare shall we?

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