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Most Expensive UK City to Insure a Car Outside London

There are all sorts of northern stereotypes – like how all northerners love gravy (with everything) and how northerners can take the cold far better than their soft southern cousins. And there’s another – that northerners are tight, which we all know just isn’t true. But if you are one of the few tight northerners then you’re likely to get a wake-up call next time you renew your car insurance – Manchester has the highest premiums in the country (outside of London, naturally).

How does that happen?

There are lots of things that determine the price of your car insurance premium – your age, your job, whether you’ve pimped your car and your postcode. It might seem unfair that where you live can impact your insurance, but insurance providers are all about calculating risk – the riskier your situation, then the more likely it is you’ll pay the price, simply because there’s more chance of you making a claim.

So for risk averse insurance providers, having an ‘M’ postcode means you’re going to have to dig deeper into those pockets when it comes to your car insurance. The average premium for Manchester drivers is £1,235 and it’s a close second to London premiums at £1,330. And if you feel like moving then head to the Isle of Man where the average annual cost of car insurance is just £267.**

It’s not all bad news

But all is not lost, there are steps you can take so that you don’t end up paying a premium for your premiums – you can start by reading our simples guide on How to get a better deal on your car insurance and what impact the type of car you have has on car tax.

And if your insurance is up for renewal, read why it’s important not to fall into the auto renewal trap and find out if adding a named driver could save you some money. But new drivers beware – being named on your parents’ policy might be a good thing but don’t run the risk of having your parents insure your car for you, this is called fronting and is insurance fraud which will  get you all into a heap of trouble and the last thing you need are grumpy parents.

Whatever your car insurance queries – we’ll try and answer them, just go to our car hub page where you’ll find the answers to questions you’ve probably thought of but never dared ask – like Why is car insurance mandatory? and How to cancel car insurance and whether you can stay schtum about non-fault claims.

But if you’re just feeling like saving some money then start a new quote today and see what you could save – just remember, if you drive a car, you’ll need car insurance; it’s the law and if you don’t have it, the dibble will be onto you (that’s ‘police’ in northern in case you didn’t know).


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