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Compare Cheap Car Insurance for Mature Students

Some things are better when you rediscover them – like a favourite tee-shirt you find at the back of your wardrobe, or last night’s pizza.

And if you’re taking the plunge and going back to college or university, the joys of student life can feel rejuvenating. But there might be one thing that you’re not quite ready to relive, and that’s the high cost of car insurance that students have to pay.

You might think that being a ‘mature’ student means you’ll get away with lower premiums, but that’s not guaranteed – here’s why.

Why is car insurance so high for students?

Students typically tend to be young and young drivers have been shown to be riskier drivers. Drivers aged 17-24 make up 7% of all drivers in the UK but account for 18% of road accidents. Contributing factors in accidents involving young drivers include carelessness, driving too fast and not looking properly. The average claim by under 25s comes in at £3,286 which is pretty hefty so no wonder insurance premiums are so high as insurers try to offset their costs.

Universities and colleges are also usually in big towns where crime can be higher. Some of the worst hit towns for crime also have some of the biggest universities such as Manchester, Leeds and Cardiff.

It’s not that insurers think all students are young rapscallions living recklessly in their crime-ridden cities, it’s simply a reflection of what the statistics say – so don’t take it personally. Young drivers also won’t have had an opportunity to build up a no claims discount – another reason for higher premiums.

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But I’m a mature student, is car insurance cheaper for me?

There are no guarantees. Your insurance premium’s based on lots of things such as the type of car you drive, your age, where you live and your insurance history. All those factors will shape what you pay. So it totally depends on you and how ‘risky’ your provider thinks you are.

You’ll usually have to declare that you’re a student as most insurers will want to know your occupation so you probably won’t be able to avoid saying it. As a result – your provider may have no choice but to class you in the same ‘student criteria’ pot in order to come up with your premium. But if you’ve been driving for some time and built up your own no claims then it’s always worth reiterating this to see what might happen.

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So what can I do to lower my car insurance?

Whether you’re a first time or mature student, car insurance is just one of those things you need to suck up. You can’t steer away from it, it’s a legal requirement and you need it to drive any vehicle – enough said.

But that’s not to say that you have to put up with gargantuan insurance premiums, here are some top tips to get that premium down:

  • Choose your car carefully – no one likes a show off and the same goes for flash cars, the more powerful it is (and more desirable to thieves), the more likely it is to be in a higher insurance group and cost you more to cover, so choose wisely.
  • Avoid pimping your ride – you might be the life and soul but your car is better off as a wallflower. The more unique you make it, the harder repairs and parts might be to find and your premium may increase as a result.
  • But do invest in some security – pimping’s one thing, enhancing your car is quite another, adding an approved security system or immobiliser could deter thieves and may shave some pounds off your policy.
  • Be honest and accurate – state your mileage as accurately as you can, rounding up might mean you’re bumped into the next price bracket. Also, don’t be tempted to ‘bend’ the truth. It might be tempting to get lower insurance by saying your address is elsewhere (like your parent’s house) but if you really live at uni most of the time, you could be invalidating your policy (which’ll cost you a lot more in the long run).
  • Telematics – if you fancy taking the techy route to lowering premiums, try this. It’s a small ‘black box’ that records how and when you drive. If you drive like your instructor showed you then you could see your premium reduced more quickly than if you took the traditional method of building up your no claims.

But you know, there is one thing you can do right now that could lower your car insurance premium, and that’s to comparethemarket We’re the largest comparison site in the UK and with over one hundred trusted car insurance providers we’ll try to find you the right deal at a price you won’t cry at.

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