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What modifications won’t increase my premiums?

Are you planning to modify your car? Perhaps you’ve just bought a new motor that’s got some extra spec? Well the good news is that not all modifications are likely to cause your insurance premiums to skyrocket. 

Little and large

Car modifications come in all shapes and sizes and whilst some of the more popular modifications might include performance boosting exhausts or super suspension, there are lots of modifications that are so minor they might not even seem like they’re worth disclosing. But here’s the thing, many modifications, particularly if they’re added to provide extra functionality (we’re talking security systems, parking sensors and the like) might not cost you any extra when it comes to your insurance. In fact, there are some security modifications that are actually thought to reduce your premiums.

parking sensors

What if my new car comes with modifications?

If you’ve just purchased a new car direct from the dealer you may have had the option to add various modifications on to your car. These could include things like parking sensors, Sat Navs or alloy wheels that you’ll have included in the ‘build’ of your sparkling new motor. The good news is that because the car manufacturer will have fitted these modifications, and will have used products that are best suited to that particular car’s specification, these additions aren’t likely to cost you much more to insure. Obviously, if these modifications have added value to the vehicle, you may pay a slightly higher premium than you would for the basic model.

What modifications could save me money?

Okay so let’s be straight. There is no fast and loose rule about what modifications will definitely save you money on your car insurance. That’s because all of the car insurance providers out there all have different ways of determining the price of your insurance. That being said, there are some additions that are likely to help you drive better and that would make you less of a risk to any insurer you ask for a quote. These would include things like:

  • Parking sensors: Parking sensors should help you avoid any unnecessary collisions (with cars or pillars) and therefore some insurers may consider that a fairly helpful modification.
  • Security systems: Whilst a lot of new cars today come with fairly modern security systems, some of you may be rolling around in a slightly older model with limited security. By installing a Thatcham-approved security system you should considerably reduce the risk of your car being stolen which is a thumbs up for your insurer.


What do I do next?

Well, if you’re genuinely wanting to know how any particular modification will affect your insurance then you’re best bet is to speak to your current insurer. They will have a view on how any modification will affect the price you pay with them. And if you’re still keen on adjusting your vehicle in any way, you can still ensure you’re paying the best price for your insurance by comparing providers. With our service you can declare any modifications up front so you know the prices you’re offered cater for any modification you’ve made to your motor. 

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