In short, yes

You love your car. And you want it to be the best it can be. But making friends and foes jealous does come at a price. Any modification that changes the car from how it was when it left the factory, could affect the cost of your cheap car insurance. The changes don’t have to be significant either, even simply changing your car’s license plate, entertainment system or sat nav could add pounds to the price.

But the more extreme the change, the greater the potential impact. Modifications like alloy wheels, spoilers and tinted windows can add to a policy. More expensive modifications such as turbo charging an engine, changing the transmission or new bodywork, such as bonnet bulges or flared wings, will likely increase your premium too

But why does it cost more?

If you’re increasing the value of your car with modifications, then claims you make may be higher, as it tends to be more expensive to repair or replace parts.

There’s also the potential increased risk of making a claim. You may have made your car faster, and so could be more likely to be in a speed related accident.

Your gorgeous machine may also be at greater risk of theft, particularly if you’ve had expensive tech installed, or you’ve modified its performance to make it turbo powered.

Insurers could also assume that any additional work done to the mechanics or structure from the original spec cannot be guaranteed and may affect the car’s integrity.

Also, if you are a young driver and want to transform your little run-around into a beast we’re afraid there is a higher chance your premiums will increase more dramatically. Statistically, this is because young drivers are more likely to claim on their car insurance.

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A modified car can be more appealing to thieves

Specialist modified car insurance

There are tons of ways to personalise your pride and joy, from body kits to performance chips. And if you’re tempted to tinker, you should look into a modified car insurance policy.

Cars fit into one of 50 insurance rating groups to help insurers work out a price. But any modifications to your car mean it may no longer conform to that original insurance group and could invalidate a normal insurance policy; so a modified car insurance policy will cover you for even small changes.

5 modifications unlikely to affect your insurance

  • Furry dice
  • A beaded seat cover
  • A bobble head character
  • Cuddly toys on the back seat
  • A novelty air freshener

Modifications that could lower cost

Good news is that not all modifications will increase your premiums. Adding security modifications to help prevent your car from being stolen such as an approved alarm, immobilisers or tracking devices, could actually give you a cheaper premium.

More people do it than you think

Many people modify their cars. But not all modifiers are boy-racers. Research by found a third of motorists who add ‘extras’ to their cars are women. But while they may not always go for lowered suspension or spoilers they may be tempted by personalised plates, sat navs or new seats.

Be honest

You may not think of it as a modification or you may feel it’s just easier to keep quiet about any changes you’ve made or are planning to make to your car, but by doing this you could be making your insurance policy invalid altogether

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