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Motor Legal Protection – Is it worth the cost?

Motor Legal Protection. What is it, do you need it, and ultimately is it worth what it will cost you? Here we’ll explore the ins and outs of this insurance extra so that you can make an informed decision.

What is Motor Legal Protection?

Motor Legal Protection is usually sold by insurance providers as an optional extra when you take out a car insurance policy. It may also be included in some higher level cover options.

This type of cover helps towards recovering your legal costs if you pursue any uninsured losses that are due to someone else’s actions. For example, it could help to claim for:

  • Your excess from the driver at fault
  • Personal injury compensation for you or your passengers
  • The costs of car hire or taxis while you’re without your vehicle
  • Loss of earnings if you’re unable to work
  • Medical expenses if you’re injured in an accident and need treatment
  • The loss of your possessions damaged as a result of the accident
  • The cost of car repairs (if you have a third party only or third party fire and theft policy rather than a comprehensive policy)

As well as pursuing claims against others, the policy would also protect you in the event that you needed to defend yourself against motoring prosecutions. Most policies also offer a 24/7 advice helpline that could give valuable advice when you need it.

The cover usually covers you, other named drivers on the policy and any of your passengers.
Cover limits will vary so make sure you are happy with your limits before purchasing a policy.

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Do I need Motor Legal Protection?

As with any optional extra when it comes to insurance, this is a matter of personal choice. It very much depends on your individual circumstances and your tolerance towards risk.

You should also bear in mind that some employers or trade unions might also provide an element of cover. It’s worth checking whether you already have some legal cover before you fork out for more and potentially double up.

Is Motor Legal Protection worth it?

Again, this depends on what you need. What we can tell you are the facts. The cost of adding this sort of cover is likely to be around £25 to £35 extra on your premium.

If you did ever want to pursue or defend a case without any legal cover, the costs can be huge - in many cases enough to put you off carrying out the action in the first place.

There is a final factor that you should consider – the decision whether the cover is used to pursue an action or defend an action against you actually isn’t yours to make. You might think it would be given that you’ve paid for the cover but the choice rests with your insurance provider.

If not there could be lots of frivolous claims with little chance of success or, cases pursued where the costs outweigh any damages.

At the end of the day, Motor Legal Protection can provide valuable peace of mind for some people. It’s a matter of personal choice.

So start comparing car insurance with Motor Legal Protection today and see how much you could save.

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