What do drivers name their cars?

Stressful traffic, motorway mayhem and MOT meltdowns; our 4-wheeled friends get us through some struggles. We rely on our cars to keep us safe and get us from A to B, and while your steel sidekick isn't a living, breathing being, some of us treat it like one. 

With all the conversations (one-sided, of course!), karaoke sessions and shouting/swearing at other road-users, is there any wonder we form a weird and wonderful bond with our cars? In fact, we seem to love our motors so much that we feel the need to give them a name. We need our trusty steed, and what's a steed without a title?

But just how many of us name our cars and just what do we call them? We recently surveyed 2,000 British drivers to gain an insight into car names, whether men or women are more likely to name their cars and much more... This report reveals what we are wheely thinking when it comes to naming our beloved vehicles. Beep Beep! 

1 in 2 drivers has given their car a name

Your car has a name? You’re not alone - 46% of British drivers have named their vehicle too. So, that's still 54% of people that don’t! “Morning, Honda” doesn't quite have the same ring to it though, right?”

Does your car have a name?

Londoners are the most likely to name their car

So, who is naming their cars? From our survey results, we discovered that Londoners are most likely to name their car. With so much congestion in London, it's not hard to see why talking to your car is the only option.

According to Transport for London, 54% of households in London have at least 1 car (2.6m cars registered in London) that's a whole lot of drivers who have a first-name connection with their vehicle. On the other hand, only 30% of Scots name their cars. 

Londoners are the most likely to name their car...

Young people are most likely to give their car a name

Does age make a difference when it comes to naming your car? We found the majority of people who give their vehicles names are 18-24 year olds! While 26% of car namers are aged 65 and older, it seems generally that the older the driver, however, the less likely they are to name their car. 

Young people are most likely to give their car a name...

BMW, Audi & Mercedes drivers are most likely to have named their car

Through our survey, we can reveal that 63% of BMW owners name their cars. Whilst BMW drivers tend often get a bad rep, (Who knows why!?) no one can argue that they don't care about their cars! 

Parking up in second place is Audi, with 57% and in last position is the poor Peugeot with only 31% having a name.

BMW, Audi & Mercedes

**Only car brands with more than 50 respondents were included in the above analysis. 

Britain’s most common car names…

Betsy & Betty are the most common names for cars in the UK

Elizabeth has been consistently ranked among the top 25 popular names for over 100 years. So, what do Brits do? Shorten it and assign it to our cars.

Betsy and Betty - both nicknames for Elizabeth - are the top two common car names.

‘The Old Betsy’ was also the most mass-produced American car throughout the pre-war period (1924 Dodge Roadster) which gained a reputation as being a reliable, solid and cost-effective. However, since it’s long-gone and pretty old, few people could describe what an Old Betsy looks like (Go on, Google it, you know you want to). Reliable, solid and not too expensive - sound like your Betsy?

Bety & Betty are the most common names for cars in the UK...

The names we give our cars are most likely to begin with B

7 of the top 10 car names begin with a B. This included names such as Bob, Baby, Beast and Bessie. In fact, a whopping 18% of all the top car names begin with B. That's 158 names altogether.

Amongst the survey responses, other B names such as Billie, Bobbie and Buddy made an appearance. No Beyonce though. #IfIWereaCar

The names we give our cars are most likely to begin with B...

41% of cars are given human names

With monikers like ‘Apple’ and ‘Blue’, kids’ names are getting wilder. But when it comes to cars, we are going for the conventional. From our survey, we can reveal that 41% (276 out of 667 unique names) of all car names are, in fact, human.  

Cars are more likely to be given female names than male

Women are in pole position when it comes to car names - 54% of all the car names in our survey are female. That's 149 out of 276 names that are classed as human. Male monikers accounted for only 127 of the ‘human’ car name. 

Cars are more likely to be given female names than male...

Some of our favourites…

A mixed bag of names came from the survey. Some were shocking, some were sassy and some were downright... shameless. However, here are just a few of our absolute favourites. 

Some of our favourite car names

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2,000 Brits surveyed through Maru Usurv in July 2019.