Myths and misconceptions persist around electric cars  

Worries about being let down by electric vehicles still exist.

Tom Harrison
Content writer
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Posted 27 NOVEMBER 2019

Almost one fifth (18%) of petrol and diesel car owners are put off buying an electric vehicle because they’re worried about driving in adverse weather conditions such as a lightning storm, research from Hyundai has revealed. 
Despite this, the interest in low and zero emission cars is growing, with motorists wanting to reduce their carbon footprint and running costs. Sales of purely electric cars were up by 151% in October. 
Modern eco-friendly cars are better than their petrol or diesel equivalents for the environment, with 58% of car drivers identifying this as the No 1 benefit. Being cheap to run is important for 45% of electric, hydrogen and hybrid car drivers and 32% of petrol or diesel car drivers. 

It is clear, however, that misconceptions remain over electric vehicles. Indeed, 12% of petrol/diesel car drivers wouldn't feel happy about charging their phone in an electric car. Some drivers are concerned about taking an electric vehicle through a car wash. 
Other worries include the cost of buying one (64%), and 49% of those surveyed are worried about not being able to find a charging/refuelling point.  
Also, 43% are concerned about how far you can go between charges. That’s despite the fact we drive on average about 20 miles a day and many electric vehicles now have a range of around 100-200 miles on a single charge. 
The existence of myths could be down to a lack of education about electric cars, with 28% of surveyed drivers admitting they don’t know enough about electric vehicles.