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Named driver car insurance

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Everything you need to know about named driver car insurance

There are any number of reasons you might want to add a named driver to your car insurance policy. Maybe your son or daughter is just learning to drive? Perhaps your partner needs to use your car occasionally? Whatever the purpose, it’s good to know that they can use your car when they need to and that you’ll be covered should anything happen. 

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What is named driver insurance?

Named driver insurance, or additional driver insurance, refers to the type of cover someone gets when they are added to your policy as an additional driver. It means that you’ve told your insurance provider that someone, other than you, may occasionally drive your car. 

What kind of cover will the named driver get?

It depends on the kind of policy the main driver has. If you have a comprehensive policy, then your named driver will almost always have comprehensive cover. But you should still check the policy details to make sure you’ve got the right level of cover that you and the named driver need. 

How does my no claims bonus work if I add a driver to my car insurance?

Your no claims bonus will still accrue as normal. So if neither you nor your named driver has an accident, your no claims bonus will continue to build up.

However, if your named driver has an accident, it’s likely to affect your no claim bonus. That’s because, regardless of who’s driving, you’ll need to claim against your policy, meaning that the insurer provider may need to pay out.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that very few policies allow your named driver to build up a no claims bonus. This is worth considering if you’re thinking of adding a young driver to your policy, as they might not gain any no claims discount until they take out a policy in their own name. Sometimes, however, your insurance provider may offer a discount based on a young person’s driving history in your car, provided they take out their own policy with the same insurance provider.

Can I save money by adding someone to my car insurance?

If you’re a young, student or inexperienced driver, insurance providers often consider you to be a high risk, which is reflected in the price of your premium. But if you can share your car with an experienced driver, you could reduce the cost of your premium by adding that driver to your policy. Because you’ll be spending less time driving the car, the chances of you having an accident and making a claim are reduced, and this could mean cheaper insurance. 

If you're keen on having your own insurance, then there's options out there for that too! Try considering a telematics policy.

What is fronting?

It happens when a driver states that they are the main driver of the car, but someone else is using it more frequently. Often a more experienced driver (usually a parent) falsely insures the car in their own name, but a younger, less experienced person (their child) is actually the main driver.

If you give your insurance provider incorrect details in order to reduce the cost of your insurance premiums, your insurance could be invalidated. What’s more, as fronting is a type of insurance fraud, you could be prosecuted – so don’t do it!

How can I be sure I’m not fronting?

It’s fairly easy. Just make sure the person who drives the car most is named on the policy as the main driver. If it’s genuinely a 50/50 split, then talk to your insurance provider. 

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