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Car insurance for the over 50s

If you’re over 50, you’ve probably had your fair share of experience behind the wheel. It’s likely you’ve had over 30 years learning the ways of the road. Surely at this point you can cash in all that hard earned experience for some cheaper over 50 car insurance? Well, kind of. While experience behind the wheel definitely counts for something, there are a whole load of other factors that insurers take into account – a fact worth bearing in mind before splashing out on that sports car.


The good news? If you’re looking for car insurance for over 50s we can find the car insurance appropriate for you, with minimal hassle. We know that searching for car insurance probably isn’t your idea of a weekend well spent. That’s why we compare the market for all types of over 50s car insurance that will reward you for your wealth of experience, while customising searches to your unique requirements. It means you get the cover you need and a selection of the best over 50s insurance quotes around.    

So how does over 50 car insurance work?

Insurance companies work out the price of a policy by doing all sorts of calculations to figure out how much of a risk there is of a claim being made. It’s way more statistical than it is personal. Some of the factors they look at you can have some control over, and some you can’t. Your age, where you live, how long you’ve been driving, and how many claims you’ve had before are all taken into account. And they’re not the things you can change in a hurry. But these might work in your favour.


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How can I keep costs down?

There are a few things insurance companies look for when providing car insurance for the over 50s. For instance, insurance companies will be reassured your car is less vulnerable to a break in if it’s parked on a drive or inside a garage. Ensuring that your car has a factory fitted alarm may also deter thieves and hopefully bring your premium down. However you will have to contact your insurer directly to obtain a discount for your car if it is fitted with an alarm or immobiliser. Also, the less you drive, the less chance of an accident – so reducing your mileage can help too. Bombing around in a monster sports car won’t help to gain a cheaper rate of insurance because insurers think fast and expensive cars can signal high pay-outs. A slightly less powerful car can go a long way. So if you do have a sports car it may be an idea to consider changing your car to something a bit less risky. 

Car insurance for over 50s is often much cheaper than for younger drivers because your experience on the road makes you a much safer bet than a 17 year old in a brand new car. Good news if you’re a proud owner of No Claims Discount built up over many years. It could also be good news if you live in an area with low car crime, or if you can park your car on a drive or inside a garage out of reach from thieves or vandals. If you can afford to pay your entire premium up-front rather than spreading it over monthly instalments, that’s another way to save a few bob too.


What insurance companies should I look out for?

It’s always best to compare the market to find the best possible deal to meet your requirements. Some of the most popular providers of car insurance for over 50s include The Post Office and Saga.

If the mere thought of shopping around for over 50s car insurance makes you wince, fear not. We’ve got that covered. Just think about what’s important to you and compare the policies on offer to make sure you get the right amount of cover for your needs.  Want to make sure you’re covered in case of a crack or chip in your windscreen? No problem. Afraid of your motor packing up? Opt for some breakdown cover. By comparing car insurance now, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you’re covered for the best possible price, without the headache.