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Over 50s car insurance

The good news is, if you’re over 50 you probably have a cheaper premium than other age groups for your car insurance. Why? If you’re over 50 you probably have half a lifetime of driving experience under your belt. And hopefully you’ve matured out of any boy racer antics. Insurers take into consideration your experience, and this counts in your favour when they’re calculating your premium.


Not such good news however, is that many car insurance premiums are on the increase. Why could this be?

Insurance premium tax

This has always been part of your insurance (a bit like VAT on other products) but as of November 1 2015, it increased from 6% to 9.5%, which accounts for about £68 per household extra on your car insurance. You can’t escape this charge but it’s a good reason to shop around to see if you can counteract the rise with a cheaper premium with another insurer. 



Many car insurance policies now auto-renew. This means your policy will renew unless you actively cancel it. In days gone by, you had to get in touch with your insurers to renew or continue your policy. Many people will continue with their current insurer as it’s the easiest thing to do, but it means they could be paying more than they need to. Our Premium Driver Report found that the average for ‘auto-renewal’ premiums** cost £107.71 more than the cheapest or ‘shop around’ policies and that’s why it’s worth looking into changing car insurer.

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So what can changing car insurance offer me?

Can it reduce my premiums? The chances are it can. Have a look on our comparison pages to compare different policies. By clicking on ‘get a quote’ and filling in your details, you can be viewing a wide range of quotes within minutes.

There’s more to consider than just going with the cheapest premium when choosing or changing car insurance, though.

Things to consider other than price are:

  • Does the insurer you’re considering have a good Defaqto rating? Defaqto are independent researchers of financial products such as insurance and loans. They provide information to help consumers decide which products are best. They consider the features of a product, its quality and benefits. Look out for Defaqto star ratings against the quotes listed on our pages. If you want to take your research very seriously, visit their website for more detailed information. Did you know they review every single policy on the market?


  • What’s included in the policy you’re looking at? Some policies will include extra benefits as standard, like windscreen cover, breakdown cover and motor legal protection. Other policies will offer these features (and more) as optional extras at additional cost. Remember to check what is and isn’t included as standard. Sometimes the cheapest policies won’t offer extra features, so check they’re offering all the cover you need.


  • Is it a product specifically for the over-50s? You don’t have to choose one of these, of course, but there are a lot out there today. Well-known brands include Saga, Age UK, RIAS, 50 Plus Insurance, and Castle Cover. They often claim to provide good customer service tailored to the more mature driver.

If you check the products and features on our quote page you may find that they offer an increased level of cover versus other brands too – have a look to see what they include. Several of our over 50s providers also have the highest ratings from Defaqto. Take time to read the details, and think about whether you need all the added extras on offer, or if a simpler policy would suit your needs.


Make sure your details are correct

Over-estimating your average annual mileage could increase your premium, so can where you keep your car. It’s typically cheaper to insure a car parked on a private drive or locked garage than a car parked on the road. It’s all about minimising risk and the chances of you making a claim.


Remember you’re likely to be considered a lower risk because you’re a more mature and experienced driver. You’re seen to be less likely to make a claim. Look into how you can further increase your attractiveness to insurers so you’re less of a risk to insure. Does your car have an alarm and immobiliser, for example? Do you park on a drive?  

Nobody likes to spend money on things as dull as insurance, so make sure you’re shopping around to get the best deal. It won’t take as long as you think, and you could save as much as 40 per cent on your annual policy***. Then you can spend what you save on something more fun.

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**comparethemarket.com does not collect renewal data, the ‘average price’ is used as a proxy for ‘automatic renewal’ prices – ‘auto renewal’ prices cited in the research are therefore estimations rather than being based on real renewal data.
***This average saving is achieved by 44.38% of consumers with comparethemarket.com Motor Insurance, according to independent research carried out by Consumer Intelligence during  November 2015.

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