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Compare Car Insurance for Over 80s

If you’re over 80 and want to cut the cost of your car insurance, look no further. At this point, you may have had 60+ years of experience on the road and being behind the wheel probably feels second nature.


But chances are you have better things to do then spend a heap of time looking for reasonably priced over 80s car insurance. If only someone out there would compare all the different insurance options for you based on your needs?


Will my age count against me?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths surrounding older drivers’ ability on the road. The charity Age UK showed in a survey from 2012 that 21% of people looking for car insurance for over 80s weren’t given quotes because of their age.               

The reality is that people over 80 are the most experienced drivers on the road, and older drivers tend to take more care, use the road less than younger motorists and use the road at less busy times! Sure, older drivers are older but you’re also wiser. Our data shows that premiums generally start to increase from the age 75+ as these drivers can be more at risk. This mirrors findings from the Institute of Advances Motorists which shows that people over 70 made up just 9% of drivers but accounted for 6% of driver casualties.

What’s more, the same report shows that those 80 and over were responsible for 316 driver deaths or injuries, making them the second most dangerous age group (based on rate per thousand licence holders). Wisdom clearly counts for something. The Institute for Advanced Motorists also show that there are over one million drivers on the roads that are over 80, and even 195 drivers over 100 years old!  

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Can I get a competitive quote?

If you’re looking for car insurance and you’re over 80, you may have found it tricky to get a competitive quote. Maybe you’ve had trouble finding a decent quote online, or maybe your existing insurer has raised their price significantly this year, Perhaps you've re-taken your test and are now ready to renew, it’s time for a change.                                                                                    

If you’re looking for over 80s car insurance, there are many things you can do to reduce the cost of your premiums:

1)    Low mileage. Low mileage means less time on the road, which means less risk of an accident and therefore less risk of making a claim. Music to the ears of an insurer.

2)   Get secure. If your vehicle is secure, insurers can rest easy that you’re less likely to make a claim due to theft or vandalism. Installing security features like an alarm, and keeping your vehicle parked in a safe spot such as on the drive or in a garage are good ways to make sure your car isn’t an easy target for thieves. And that can help drive down your premium. Make sure you contact your insurer directly to request an alarm discount as it is not automatically applied.

3)   Choose the right car. While classic cars might look wonderful, they’re unlikely to attract cheaper premiums from insurers. Find out what insurance group your car would fall into (between 1 and 50). As a rule, the lower the number the cheaper your over 80s insurance will be. 

There are a whole host of car insurance companies that can cover the ages of 80 and beyond: Aviva, Direct Line, LV, Admiral, John Lewis, Saga, Churchill, Nationwide, M&S and Sainsbury’s Bank are all a good bet. If it feels confusing, don’t worry, we have can help. By comparing car insurance today you can make sure that you’re getting the right level of cover for you at a cost that suits you. 

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