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Compare Peugeot 107 Car Insurance

If you’re considering picking up a used Peugeot 107 then look no further for your car insurance. With more than a hundred insurance partners, you can be confident about getting choice and value at The last Peugeot 107 rolled off the production line a few years ago but they still make a decent first time driver car and it was one of Peugeot’s best-selling models. So if you’re after a well-priced stylish city car, then perhaps a Peugeot’s for you.

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What makes the Peugeot 107 so special?

The Peugeot 107 was developed in collaboration with Toyota and Citroen. The good news for drivers and potential owners, is that Toyota did most of the oily, techy, mechanical stuff which means it’s more likely to be as reliable as a Toyota. Each of the three manufacturers then tweaked the styling and aesthetics so for the 107 it’s a bit of a win-win; Toyota’s engineering standards combined with French flair and style.

The 107, like the 206, was designed as a city car, and this is where it’s most comfortable. The steering’s light and there’s enough power to cruise through busy streets and congested roads. It’s also a dinky car with good visibility so parking in narrow bays and awkward spots shouldn’t pose a problem.

Whilst its petite dimensions make it perfect for nipping around town and parking in spaces that other cars simply couldn’t contemplate, there is a drawback to this – space. Boot space is small – just 139 litres (you can get suitcases that hold more) but for that odd trip where extra luggage is needed you can fold the seats down to get up to 751 litres (but you’d have no room for rear seat passengers).

What about Peugeot 107 insurance?

There was only one engine choice with the Peugeot 107 and it’s a small one so insurance tends to be at the lower end – bonus. The 1 litre engine will give you 67bhp – fine for town but likely to struggle on the open road. But its little engine and lack of power does boast 65.6mpg and low carbon emissions which means there’s no road tax. The automatic version though will cost you a whole £20 to tax for a year.

The 107 came in four versions, the Access, Active, Allure and Envy so it’s highly likely that you’ll find the perfect Peugeot for you – here’s how they stack up:


Insurance group









compare peugeot 107 car insurance

Young drivers might also want to consider the 107 because it makes the top 10 cheapest cars to insure if you’re between 17 and 24. The average annual premium will set you back £871.10* compared to an average of £1,162.17* for the most popular cars. And if you look hard enough you can pick one up for less than £1,500 making it a really economical choice to get yourself on the road.

If you want to save yourself even more money, then it’s also worth investigating telematics policies which monitors your driving and could result in lower premiums if you’re driving by the book. Also consider whether you need all the optional insurance extras that are on offer, sticking to only what you need can help keep your policy frugal.

Other top tips for driving the cost of car insurance down include increasing your voluntary excess (making sure you can still afford the total excess (compulsory + voluntary) if you make a claim) as well as being able to store your car in a secure garage overnight. If that’s not an option, then installing an approved security device could help too.

And because your policy is tailored to you and your car, it’s always worth being accurate about how many miles you drive and what you use your car for. Rounding up the number of miles you do could push you into the next price bracket and if you only use your car for domestic or social use you could save some money compared to someone who used it every day in rush hour for commuting. Just remember to be honest!

Comparing what’s out there

But a sure fire way of making sure you do get the best value for money is to comparethemarket of course – what else is there to say?

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