There’s a first time for everything and at the moment, if you own a new car, then its first MOT isn’t due until it’s three years old. However, that could change to four years if the government pushes through legislation.

The proposal would save drivers a collective £100 million. On the flip side, it would mean lost revenue for MOT testers as well as lost sales for replacement parts and labour charges.

The consultation period has now ended and the government is currently analysing feedback, but the idea has caused heated debate. The Society of Motor Manufacturers (SMMT) doesn’t want to see MOTs delayed due to safety concerns – according to them, one in five cars fail its first MOT.

The SMMT’s own research shows that eight out of ten drivers value the MOT as it offers peace of mind and seven out of ten were concerned that pushing the test from three to four years, could put road safety at risk.

On the other hand, the AA questioned its members and 44% of them supported moving the MOT test for new cars to four years; 26% were against the change and the others had no opinion. The AA argued that modern cars are built with safety at the fore and many new cars can now highlight to their drivers as soon as something goes wrong.

In their original statement proposal, the government cited vastly improved road safety as one of the reasons why such a change could be contemplated. In 1970, nearly 7,500 people died on UK roads, in 2015, that number fell to 1,730 – the second lowest figure on record.

Whatever decision the government makes, it’ll simply be like it or lump it for the rest of us. But at least it means drivers will be able to save some money against the backdrop of rising car insurance premiums and tax.

Of course – savvy drivers know to compare car insurance in order to get the best value for money as well as not to fall into the auto-renewal trap which could cost you more in the long term. And let’s not forget, that we’re here to help – so whatever automotive answers you need, try our car hub – it’s a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.

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