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We all like the feeling of being good and doing good things – but when it starts to cost us money…well…that’s when we might have second thoughts – right? And before you start backtracking, statistics show that 70% of drivers are sticking with traditionally fuelled cars rather than hybrids or electric because of the high cost of car insurance. So principles are good – until you have to put your money where your mouth is.

Luckily not all adults feel the same way and if you live in London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Brighton or Cardiff then you’re more likely to cough up for the higher costs of being green. However, those of you that live in Coventry, Leeds, Southampton and Newcastle don’t fancy it and only 11% feel that electric and hybrid cars were worth paying more insurance for (leaving the planet silently crying).

So, how much more do ‘green’ car premiums actually cost? According to research from the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), it can cost up to 50% more to insure an electric or hybrid car, mainly due to the high initial prices of these types of vehicles. Plus, there just aren’t yet enough mechanics and technicians to sort them out if they go wrong – which can all add up to a hefty bill.

But if your conscience gets the better of you and you can’t resist the urge to listen to your inner eco-warrior then what are the benefits of having a green car? The obvious advantage of a car that isn’t petrol or diesel is that it won’t turn the air bad with its cocktail of poisonous gases (leaving you feeling all smug inside).

It’s also worth remembering that eco-cars aren’t just about electric vehicles, there are a range of alternative fuel cars such as LPG (liquid petroleum gas), hydrogen cars, biofuel and hybrids. These use more sustainable forms of fuel so that means we’re not burning up Earth’s natural resources. But not only does having an eco-car mean you’re doing something the planet will thank you for, it could save you money on fuel and car tax (so perhaps that insurance premium isn’t so out of reach, after all).

Like lots of new technology, electric cars come with a whole load of questions; some of which you don’t want to ask out loud – like ‘will it feel like driving a golf buggy?’ and ‘does it hum like a milk float as it moves along?’ So if you’ve got any burning questions about popular electric cars and what all the fuss is about then find out more in ‘Compare electric car insurance’.

Of course, if you’re lousy at remembering to charge up your phone, and the responsibility of remembering to plug in your car every night gives you a cold sweat then there are other ways you can minimise your impact on the environment from behind the wheel – take a look at ‘What is green car insurance’ for some bright ideas.

And if you decide that an alternative fuel car is for you, then decide for yourself if the costs are worth it. Of course, if you comparethemarket.com then you’ll be able to scour quotes from more than a hundred trusted car insurance providers; so you’ll be sure to find a great deal. So, go on, go green and make the planet smile.

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