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Renault car insurance

If you’re old enough to remember those Papa and Nicole adverts, you should take pride in the fact that you were there at the debut of one of the UK’s most popular cars.

But Renault offers so much more than just a few memorable adverts and if you own one of the millions of Renaults sold worldwide, then you’re probably going to want the best Renault car insurance you can find – oui?


How affordable is car insurance for Renault cars?

How affordable your Renault insurance is will depend on what model you choose. It’ll also depend on whether you opt for any fancy additions – because the more you embellish your car with lovely new gadgets – the lovelier it appears to potential car thieves.

Also, it’s not just about your Renault, insurance cost also comes down to you. We found that the average cost of insuring the two most popular models was £822.72 for a Clio and £665.76* for a Megane. We’re all individuals though and as such you should still get a quote tailored just for you.

*Based on Compare the Market data from May 2018.
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So, where do I start when looking at Renault car insurance?

First you’ll need to know what insurance group your Renault sits in. There are 50 different insurance groups and as a general rule – the lower the number of the insurance group, the cheaper the insurance. Different insurers may use modified versions of this grouping system, so you should always discuss your exact needs with your insurance provider.

There are 12 different models of Renault and within each range, there’ll be different versions so you’ll need to check the spec of your car to find out which group your car belongs to. To make life a bit easier, we’ve put together this table so you can see at a glance which group your Renault might be in.


Insurance group rating













Megane coupe


Megane hatch


Megane sport




Grand scenic


Renault sport tourer


on the road

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Is there anything I can do to lower my car insurance?

There’ll be some things you won’t have control over but which could have a positive impact on your car insurance – such as whether your car has the luxury of being kept in a secure garage overnight. But there are some other areas where you will be able to make a difference such as:

Security features – is your Renault fitted with an approved alarm system, a good deterrent could result in paying less insurance

-Your excess – increasing your excess could also result in a lower premium – but be warned - make sure you can actually afford the total excess (voluntary plus compulsory or inexperienced driver excess) in case you do have to make a claim

- Pay up front – don’t pay monthly if you can help it, paying in one go means you’ll avoid any interest charges

- Add ons – check whether you need all of the expensive add on cover but make sure you’re clear on the consequences of not having them

Black box insurance

This is another way where you can potentially save money on your car insurance. Telematics – to give it its technical name basically records how and when you drive. A small smartphone sized box is fitted to your car or it is available as an app on your smartphone. If it records that you’re driving by the book – it could mean quicker savings compared to the traditional route of driving for years and building up your no claims.

How do I start comparing?

That’s the easy bit – we work with over 100 insurance providers so we’re confident that we can find the best priced insurance for you. So why not start comparing the market with us today as we’re one of the UK’s largest comparison site.