Filling In Car Insurance Forms for the Best Quotes |

Small tweaks can make all the difference when filling out a car insurance quote

Shortcuts aren’t the way to go

It may feel like a billion questions but your name, age, job, driving history, where you park, type of car etc. all add up to a price. Your car insurance is calculated by looking at similar people’s lifestyles and driving records.


Rushing through and putting in the wrong info, even when shopping around, could cause you to have inaccurate quotes and potentially invalid policies. It is worth taking your time filling in the forms to make sure your policy is right, and you get the best deal for you. Plus you won’t have to do it all a second time around with the right information.

hamster wheel

Less rushing through. Less rubbish quotes.

Don’t lie about
your age

If you are a young or elderly driver you could face higher premiums. Stating the obvious, right? But, it’s worth noting that different providers have different ways of defining age groups. If this info is wrong by even a day it could affect the price of your policy.

Fake names

It’s tempting to use a fake name or type in any old gumpf when shopping for a quote. Who would think your name makes a difference? Well it does. Typing in the wrong name will only result in invalid policies and inaccurate quotes.


Things that
don’t affect
your quote

  • Being a woman
  • Being a man
  • Having an air freshener
  • Getting a tattoo of Ken Barlow

Tweak your job description

Don’t lie, but you can tweak your job description. Different jobs are considered different insurance risks. One of the factors being how much they are perceived to travel. Journalists, chefs and entertainers often being on the higher end of the scale.


Make sure you haven’t accidentally labelled yourself with a more expensive job description. Try out varying ways to describe what you do, see what insurers deem to be less risky and therefore cheaper to insure.


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