Small tweaks can make all the difference when filling out a car insurance quote

Getting a good deal on your car insurance is the goal, so it’s important to pay attention to how you fill in your forms when applying for car insurance quotes. Here’s some helpful advice to keep in mind that could potentially help you to save.

Daniel Hutson From the Motor team
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Include all relevant details

If you’ve had an alarm fitted in your vehicle or if you’re able to park your car in a secure garage overnight, be sure to notify each potential insurance provider of this. These small details can sometimes have a big effect on the cost of your insurance. You won’t be able to reap the benefits if you don’t notify your insurance provider.

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Always be honest

While young drivers or elderly drivers may pay more for their car insurance, lying about your age could lead to your policy being invalidated, or possibly even a conviction for fraud.

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Adjust your job description

While you should never lie, you can adjust your job description. Different jobs are considered different insurance risks. One of the factors is how often and how much you’re likely to drive. Journalists, chefs and entertainers are usually on the higher end of the scale.

Make sure you haven’t accidentally labelled yourself with a more expensive job description. Try out varying ways to describe what you do, and do your research on what insurance providers deem to be less risky and therefore potentially cheaper to insure.

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Put your full and correct name

Don’t be tempted to use a fake name or type in any old gumpf when shopping for a quote, as typing in the wrong name will only result in inaccurate quotes and an invalid policy.

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