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How should car insurance be handled when a student goes away to university?

If you’re off to university, it’s worth considering what you’re going to do with your car and car insurance while you’re there.


Many students opt not to take their cars with them. Not only are they less likely to use them if they’re on campus or living in a city centre, but also there’s the issue of parking and the expense of petrol. Also you might want to avoid being the go to person for the shopping run.

What to do if you decide not to take your car?

If you decide not to take the car with you, there are a couple of options when it comes to your student car insurance:

1)  Maintain your insurance. You could just keep your policy running while you’re at university. Obviously you won’t be using the car very much. This means you should contact your insurer and tell them that you have a lower annual mileage. You might even benefit from a lower premium and possibly build up your no claims discount.                                                                   

2)  Take the car off the road. In the legal sense of the word. Don’t think that because the car is just sitting on your parents drive that you don’t need to tax and insure it – because you do unless you apply for a Statutory Off-Road Notice or SORN as it is commonly known, from the DVLA. 

Compare car insurance for university students

Taking your car to university

If you opt to take your car with you to university, remember that you’re going to be there a significant portion of your time. This means that your permanent place of residence on your policy may need to change too. You’ll need to advise your insurance provider of your new address including any new details of where the vehicle is kept during the day and overnight. Your insurance provider may adjust your premium as a result.  

If you do want to keep your car insurance you may also want to compare car insurance prices to make sure your getting the right level of cover for your new circumstances, at the right price. Make sure you use our car insurance comparison service, to easily compare your options and find the right deal for you.

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