You’re already switching your car and home insurance every year to get the best deal, but did you know you could be getting even cheaper car and home insurance just by timing your renewals right?

Let help you to become even more switch savvy, so you can get cheap car and home insurance, meaning you can spend more of your hard earned cash on much more exciting things than insurance.


It’s all in the timing

We’ve been doing a bit of investigating and it turns out, that like flights, insurance goes up and down in price depending on when you buy it.

Our research shows that simply by switching your car insurance three weeks before the renewal date you could be saving, on average, ahuge £234.

And, as if that’s not enough to get you reaching for your renewal quotes, if you switch your home insurance 28 days before, you can save around £6 on that too.

That’s a total average saving of £240, just by switching early.


Why is this?

A lot of us are guilty of leaving our insurance renewal until the last minute. In fact 15% of us wait until the day before renewal before we compare and switch. But insurers know this too, and they often change the price of policies to reflect this.

Simon McCulloch our Director of Insurance explains,“The way insurers decide on pricing over the course of the month taps into their knowledge of consumer behaviour. It is human nature to put off chores like buying insurance to the last minute, but consumers probably don’t realise that they are being financially penalised for it too.” (You can hear more from Simon on the subject here.)

So you see, it really is all in the timing. Switch providers early and you could get even cheaper car and home insurance.


Erm… remind me when I need to switch again?

It’s OK, we get it. You really do have good intentions: you make a mental note that this time you will definitely, definitely renew your car and home insurance at the best possible time and make the most of all those great savings. But then… life happens.

Well, we might be able to help with that too. When you compare and take out your car or home insurance through we send you helpful email reminders 28 days before your renewal date, and then one each week until you take action, which should mean you can make the most of the best rates.


Show me the way

This is all sounding great, but where do you start? Right here. With hundreds of insurers to compare at your fingertips, including all the big names like Admiral, Hastings, eSure, Liverpool Victoria and MoreThan, when it’s time for you to renew and switch, we can do the hard work for you. And can you rest assured that you’ll be getting the right level of cover for you, at the right price.

The rest, as they say, is up to you.


Countdown to switching

4 The best time toswitch your home insurance is four weeks (28 days) before your renewal date

3 Switch your car insurance three weeks before your renewal date to get the most competitive rates

2 You could save over £200 if you switch your car and home insurance at the right time

1 Don’t leave it until the day before – it’ll be much more expensive!