Telematics policies for the over 25s

There is no doubting that telematics insurance is on the rise. The latest annual research by the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) shows that the number of live telematics based motor insurance policies including black box policies has increased by 40% in 2015 to almost 455,000 policies.

If you thought telematics policies were only for young drivers, think again. Telematics car insurance may be worth considering even if you’re an experienced or older driver too.

Why get a telematics policy?

Telematics is all about supplying accurate driving data that shows when you’re driving, where you’re driving and how well you’re driving. This can lead to numerous benefits including cheaper premiums for some drivers, with careful driving being rewarded with lower premiums.

Though initially introduced for younger drivers, struggling with sky high premiums, there is no reason why experienced and older drivers shouldn’t also consider looking at pay-as-you-drive options as an alternative to traditional car insurance policies.

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Remind me, what is telematics?

Car insurance generally rates individuals based on certain characteristics, for example, age. If the statistical information the insurance provider has gathered about your age group suggests you’ll be at a higher risk of making a claim, your premium will be based on these statistics (amongst others).

Telematics, in contrast, looks to tailor premiums to the way you drive, not to the way others in your particular demographic drive.

Telematics or black box insurance policies as they are commonly known, usually involve a small box being fitted in your car or using a smart app. Typically, the box option is fitted under the dashboard or in the glove compartment. The app or box then uses GPS satellites to measure and relay information on how you drive which may then lead to cheaper premiums as a reward for safer motoring.

Though policies differ, they may also look at the factors that affect the chances of having an accident. Are you driving during rush hour? Are you driving at night? Are you on busy roads a lot of the time? Do you keep to the speed limit and brake sensibly?

Often the policies have a mileage limits and curfews included, drive more miles than your limited to or drive at times outside of the curfew and you may have to pay extra.

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How do I compare telematics policies?

We pride ourselves on making it simple to compare car insurance quotes. Simply enter the details about you and your vehicle and leave the rest to us. We’ll present back to you all available policies including details of the insurer and the price. We’ll also allow you to find out more about each policy with a “more details” button.

We’ve got a separate “telematics” option box too so you can include telematics policies with the other standard quotes. You’ll be able to see which ones are telematics policies as we add a comment underneath the quote.

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