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The top 10 family cars – The insurance facts!

Our friends at Auto Trader have told us what their top 10 best new family cars are and have pointed out that their choices, just like families, came in different shapes and sizes.

Different shapes and sizes and with different budgets too when it comes to buying and insuring a car. With that in mind, we thought we’d play with the list a little and tell you what we know, when it comes to the costs of insuring these family favourites.

#1 The Citroen C3 Picasso – Price £16,225 - £17,290 - Average insurance - £314

Stylish looks, practical, good boot size, spacious and airy for a small car.

Who’s insuring the C3?
So what does our C3 insurer look like? Well, the C3 clearly appeals to the older driver as well as those with families. In fact 45% of quotes for the C3 were by those over 55 years old. That said, the C3 is impressively cheap to insure across all age groups. It’s the cheapest to insure for the under 25’s (£765) and good value in all other age groups.

#2 The Renault Captur – Price £ 14,575 - £ 16,275 – Average insurance - £361

Trendy supermini/SUV, chic looks, easy to park, good access.

Who’s insuring the Captur?
With the highest proportion of its quotes made by those 45-55, its drivers are still more than twice as likely to be single (18%) as those in the C3 (9%). We think that’s due to the number of younger drivers rather than the car by the way! For sure, the Captur is competitive when it comes to insurance being the cheapest to insure across all cars for those aged 26-35 (£463) and 45-55 (£271).

#3 The Nissan Qashqai – Price £ 18,545 - £20,870 Average insurance - £401

Practical, excellent drive quality, cheap to run, spacious.

Who’s insuring the Qashqai?
The most popular car on the list attracting 32% of insurance quotes. The car appealed in almost equal measure to those aged 26 through to 55. What they have in common is they’re obviously looking to be seen as high fliers, with the majority in ‘business management’ occupations! These people know their sums and the insurance prices were very keen, those 26-35 found the second best average on the list at £485 against an average for all the ten cars of £569 in that age group.

#4 The Ford S-Max – Price £ 25,145 - £ 28,145 – Average insurance - £ 415

Great range for models, fun to drive, seating for 7, huge boot. Well-made and sturdy.

Who’s insuring the S-Max?
We’re in prime family car territory here with the car most popular with those enquiring aged 25–45. The S-Max is competitive for insurance across all age ranges costing £525 for those aged 26-35 and £378 for those 36-45. Even for the under 25s the average premium is still less than a grand at £980.

#5 The Volvo XC90 – Price £ 46,850 - £64,555 - Average insurance - £ 510

Luxury and quality, spacious, tablet style infotainment system, powerful and refined.

Who’s insuring the XC90?
Celebrating marriage with the XC90 where 79% of enquiries were from married consumers, the highest of the 10 cars. Perhaps not surprisingly given the price tag, the XC90 is popular with management professionals. However, while not cheap to buy, the XC90 is impressively good value to insure if you’re 36-55 years of age. For those 36-45 the average premium was £508, while for those £46-55, £409. If you happen to be enjoying your retirement in one, they could cost as little as £321 to insure.

#6 BMW X3 – Price £33,945 - £46,450 - Average insurance - £517

Best to drive, nimble for its size, excellent powerful engines, space for 5 with luggage.

Who’s insuring the X3?
The X3 appeals across the age ranges. While the car is expensive for the under 25’s at £1,475, it’s more competitive to insure as you get older. In fact for the 36-45 age group who accounted for 28% of quotes the price was £496, cheaper than four of the other cars on the list.

#7 Skoda Superb Estate – Price £20,260 - £23,105 - Average insurance - £535

Value for money, loads of room, huge boot, good drive quality, impressive running costs

Who’s insuring the Superb?
The Skoda Superb insurer is as likely to be aged over 55 as they are 36-45 showing that the Superb appeals to more than just families. When it comes to professions, the roominess of the car might explain why over 10% of those quoting worked in logistics and transportation. The most expensive car to insure for the under 25’s at £1,650 and more expensive to insure than an X3 or XC90 for those 26-45. The prices are more competitive for those 56-65 (£286) and over 65 (£298).

#8 Seat Alhambra – Price £24,885 - £36,130 - Average insurance - £537

Huge range of models, comfortable space for 7, sliding rear doors

Who’s insuring the Alhambra?
This car more than others was perhaps the car for those of family age. 83% of enquiries were for those 26-55 compared to 71% on average. The Alhambra is however relatively expensive to insure for most age groups being the 3rd most expensive in its most popular 36-45 age bracket (£508).

#9 Skoda Fabia – Price £12,970- £18,025 - Average insurance - £590

One of roomiest supermini’s, 20 models to choose from, light and easy to drive, good visibility

Who’s insuring the Fabia?
The second most popular for quotes with 30% of the total, 35% of whom were single (against 41% married). 22% of quotes were from those under 25, with a further 25% aged 26-35. However, despite being cheapest to buy, the Fabia is only cheaper than the average to insure for those over 55. For the under 25’s the average was £1,157, almost £400 more than a C3.

#10 Volkswagen Passat Estate – Price £24,230 - £41,730 – Average insurance - £700

Huge car, loads of space in rear seats and vast boot. Smooth, quiet, powerful

Who’s insuring the Passat?
The least popular with just 2% of total quotes and the most expensive on average to insure. Of those enquiring 32% were 26-35 year and 45% were under 35 in total - the second highest after the Fabia. This would help account for the high average price of £700 as those under 25 saw premiums of £1,481 quoted, while £865 was quoted for those 26-35.


Our average premiums are from comparethemarket.com data in April 2016 based on all our customer quotes in the previous year, from people within the different age ranges, addresses and driving histories. You may find a cheaper or more expensive quote based on your personal circumstances.

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