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Making modifications to your car may increase your car insurance premiums. Whether you’re just adding a personalised number plate or fitting a sat nav, these small changes could make a difference to what you pay. And if you’re being more adventurous and upgrading wheels, engines or bodywork you may be shocked by the impact this has on your insurance.


Making modifications to your car may make it ‘cooler’

Modified car

People often modify their car to make it look ‘cooler’. If you’re adding go-faster stripes or tinted windows, it probably won’t may well affect your street cred…



But your insurance premiums might rocket

modified car

While some security upgrades such as immobilisers and tracking devices may help reduce your car insurance premiums, most modifications are likely to result in you paying more. And the more extreme your motor makeover is, the more likely you are to see your car insurance shoot up.


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