Two Things About Your Fuel Tank

Two Things About Your Fuel Tank

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Fuel problems are amongst the top 10 reasons for car breakdowns and the level of breakdown cover you have will affect how much help your car insurance and provider can give you. Ignoring that pesky fuel light on your dashboard, or using the wrong pump at the station could have you calling for a tow-truck to get you home.

putting the wrong fuel into your car

Your fuel tank does not like being empty…


Running out of fuel can be embarrassing, costly and downright inconvenient. Our advice is to make sure you fill up at the start of your journey because breaking down is never fun. Ignore the flash on your dash at your peril.

Nor does it like getting the wrong fuel!


Every year over 150,000 of us put the wrong fuel in our car- most commonly putting petrol in a diesel motor. If you’re ever one of the unfortunate ones, be sure not to start your engine! This could cause major engine damage and then you’d be in whole world of trouble…

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