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Look at how your postcode might affect what you pay for car insurance

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Where you live and where you store your car can have a big effect on the price you pay for your car insurance.  That’s where your postcode comes into play. Certain areas of the country are riskier to own a car in than others . More claims are made in cities for example, than less built up areas.

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Where you park affects your premium

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Your premium is affected by the risk of your vehicle being bumped, broken into or stolen. So parking on a main road, T-junction or street corner can all play a part. Unfortunately a garage isn’t necessarily the win win solution either, as some insurers may also see a number of drivers misjudging the width of their car and the garage door.

And how much bird poop you have to deal with

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Typically soda water is a good solution for getting bird poop off your car. It's gentle so it shouldn't harm the paint job.

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