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Will a record number of visitors make staycations more popular in the UK?

It’s a funny old world isn’t it? After the UK decided it didn’t want to be part of the European Union anymore, it seems Europeans just can’t get enough of us!  1.96 million people from the EU15 member states visited us in August 2016 - a 1% increase on last August.It’s easy to forget though that some of the most beautiful islands in the world are right here on our doorstep, so perhaps we should take a leaf out of everyone else’s book and go on our own Great British getaway?

Holidaying at home may sound kind of unadventurous, but that was before; when motorway service stations only offered dodgy, badly reheated food served on chipped plates by grumpy waiters. Now, with cars kitted out for active families and a road network that can get us to every corner of the country, there’s lots to do even for the most die-hard adventurer.

There’s nothing easier than packing up the boot and setting off on an adventure along winding country roads or taking in the salty sea air along the coast – and you know, a breath-taking road trip is a lot less stressful than sitting in a cramped cabin with recycled air and a kid kicking the back of your seat. Of course, if you really must go abroad, then make sure you know all the rules and regs there are when you drive away from home.

And if you’re worried about keeping the kids entertained on the road trip, don’t be – we can help with car games all the family can enjoy (or at least pretend to).

But before you pack the snacks and set-up the sat nav, make sure you double check that your car’s insured and you have breakdown cover in place - it’s an easy thing to forget when you’re busy planning something fun. And when you’re on the road having the drive of your life, there’s no need to thank us. Just remember we’re always here when you need to comparethemarket.com

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