How to get the best car insurance if you're under 25

So, you’ve passed your driving test and you’re keen to get behind the wheel. But before you do, you’re going to need car insurance – it’s a legal requirement in the UK. Unfortunately for you, car insurance for drivers under 25 doesn’t come cheap. So what can you do to drive down the cost and get yourself on the road?

Why is under 25 car insurance so expensive?

The average cost of car insurance for 17-24 year olds comes in at a whopping £1,348.37**. That’s because statistics show that young drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident. In fact, one in four (23%) of all 18 to 24 years olds have a crash inside the first two years of driving. And while drivers aged 17-19 only make up 1.5% of UK licence holders, they’re involved in 12% of fatal and serious crashes.

This, coupled with the fact that you’ve had little opportunity to build up a decent no claims discount, is why car insurance for under 25s tends to be considerably higher than that of an experienced driver.

Will a black box policy cut the cost of my insurance?

Black box insurance, or telematics insurance, is gaining in popularity and it could help drivers under 25 save money on their car insurance. In most cases, a small device is installed in your car (or you download an app) that records how and when you drive. The insurance provider then uses this data to accurately calculate or adjust your premium – if you drive carefully, it could mean a cheaper premium.

How can I reduce the cost of car insurance for under 25s?

Luckily, there are several things you can do that might lower your premium if you’re under 25.

Check the insurance group
Most cars belong to one of 50 insurance groups and, as a general rule, the lower the group number, the lower your car insurance is going to be. As ever, there are exceptions, so always make sure you check which insurance group a car is in before you buy it.

Avoid modifications
As much as you might like to add alloy wheels and a spoiler, modifying your car is a definite no-no. Modifications and upgrades could increase your insurance as they can make your car more of a target for thieves.

Take an advanced driving course
A Pass Plus course takes at least six hours to complete and is for new drivers who want to improve their driving skills. Some insurance providers may reduce your premium if you successfully complete the course.

Pay upfront
If you can afford to pay for your premium in one lump sum, you’ll save yourself the interest that you may be charged when you choose to pay by monthly instalments.

Up your voluntary excess
You could lower your premium by choosing to pay a higher voluntary excess, but think carefully before you do. It could cost you more if you have an accident as you’ll need to pay the voluntary excess you choose as well as the compulsory excess set by your insurance provider.

Improve your car’s security
Fitting an approved security system, such as a car alarm or immobiliser, could mean reductions in your car insurance.

Add a named driver
Consider adding a more experienced driver to your policy if they’re going to be using the car too. As you’ll be spending less time behind the wheel, your chances of having an accident are reduced so your insurance provider could cut your premium.

But if you use the car most often, you must be the main driver. If you put forward the more experienced person as the main driver when that isn’t actually the case, you’ll be committing a type of fraud known as fronting – and you could be prosecuted.

Consider the level of cover you need
Don’t assume that third party only cover is the cheapest option for you. With, you can compare the three main types of car insurance – third party, third party fire and theft, and comprehensive – to find cover that suits your needs.

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Our latest Young Drivers’ Index (February 2018) shows that 17-24 year olds could reduce their insurance costs by £280 on average**, just by shopping around. And that’s a very good reason why you should use our comparison service.

We independently compare more than 100 of the UK’s most trusted car insurance providers to show you policies based on price, policy cover level, add-ons or annual or monthly payment terms – leaving you in the driving seat when it comes to choosing what’s best for you.

**Average prices based on data from January - March 2018. You may find a cheaper or more expensive quote based on your personal circumstances


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