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Compare Vauxhall Adam Car Insurance

There’s something a little different about a car being called a proper name – like the Adam from Vauxhall. It’s possibly because it’s the first car that can be personalised – you know, a bit like how Adam was the first man. Apparently there are a total of 140,000 interior and exterior combinations that you can choose from – so no more mistaking which one’s yours in the car park. But while the Adam might look the part on the road, what’s it like when it comes to balancing running costs?

What’s so special about Adam?

It’s a small car – teeny tiny – and whilst it’s fine up front for the driver and passenger, it’s bad luck for back seat passengers. Because of the shape of the Adam and the size of the front seats, there isn’t much space in the back for tall people, but short friends and children will be ok. Boot space is small as well, just 170 litres but enough for a weekly shop.

But, let’s get back to the personalisation thing, which is what this car manufacturer has set Adam head and shoulders above his rivals. The options are almost endless with choices of interior colour, fabric or leather seats, customisation of the front grille, door mirror caps, rear view mirror covers as well as graphics. You can even choose from 33 different wheel styles on some models; you can also opt for two tone exterior colours – a choice of ten for the body and on the higher spec models you get to choose from 20 and from eight roof colours. Even the pickiest of people will be able to create an Adam in their perfect image.

There are several different spec models – the Jam, Glam, Slam as well as the Energised and Unlimited. For those wanting something a bit more, there’s the Adam Rocks (a cross over so you can drive effortlessly from your city pad to your country retreat) and the Adam S which is a more powerful, sportier version. But don't forget the other models that Vauxhall offer including the Vauxhall Astra and of course the Vauxhall Corsa


How does it drive?

There are five engines to choose from but it’s the turbocharged 1 litre that drives the best and delivers a not too shabby 113bhp. Alternatives are the 1.2 litre engine which gives you just 69bhp (you could pedal with more power), or versions with 86 or 99bhp or for anyone who thinks size matters, there’s a 1.4 litre engine with 86bhp.

Independent test drives have shown that the Adam is best suited to the environment it was built for – towns and cities. In its natural environment it’s nippy and cute but take it out on the open road or the motorway and it struggles to find enough oomph to get anywhere very fast.

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What about Vauxhall Adam insurance?

The Adam sits in the lower end of the insurance scale and there’s even more good news for young drivers – the Adam is one of the cheapest cars to insure if you’re aged between 17 and 24.

Young drivers can expect to pay an average premium of £898.03* for a one year old Adam which is a saving of £460.96* compared to the average premium for the most popular models, the Corsa which has an average premium of £1,358.99, chosen by 17-24 year olds.

There’s a wide variation in groupings so if insurance cost is a real deal breaker then choose wisely.

*Based on Compare the Market data from June 2018.

Insurance groups

Model Insurance group
Jam 3 - 10
Glam 3 - 10
Slam 3 - 10
Grand Slam 15
S 15
Energised 2
Unlimited 2 - 10
Rocks 2 - 15
vauxhall adam insurance group

How to customise a great deal

It’s not just your car that you can customise. Insurance quotes are all about you – your age, your job, where you live and even about where you keep your car at night. When you search for car insurance, you’ll be asked all sorts of questions so that insurers can assess what the likelihood of you making a claim is – the more likely it is, the higher your premium.

You can of course look for other ways to lower the price of your insurance such as agreeing to a telematics policy where your driving’s monitored and you get rewarded for good behaviour. Or you can increase your voluntary excess (but make sure you can actually afford the total (compulsory + voluntary) if you need to make a claim) plus there’s all those other little extras like European cover or roadside assistance that can increase the costs, so it’s worth thinking about what you really need. But the easiest way to get a great deal on your insurance is to comparethemarket with us, so what are you waiting for?

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