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Compare Volkswagen Fox Car Insurance

The VW Fox was the baby of the Volkswagen family; you can’t buy them new anymore but you can pick one up second hand. The Fox is a city car, designed to weave through congested streets and fit into the most awkward of parking spaces. But what about insurance, as stealthy as your Fox might be on the roads, what’s it like on paper?

What’s so special about the VW Fox?

Well, it’s from the car manufacturer VW for a start which is a pretty good place to begin - who have made some of the most popular models (Golf, Polo and Up!). And being a VW means you can be confident that it’s been well built, it’s even borrowed parts and electrical tech from big sis the Polo so you know it’ll work.

The Fox is easy to manoeuvre, so ideal for those busy city roads but it’s also comfortable on longer journeys too. It’s not the most lavish car in terms of equipment on the inside but all that means is there’s less to go wrong. But you’ve got the important things like a CD player and power steering so at least you can listen to your tunes without having to muscle up to do a three point turn.

The roof is high and the seats are low which means lots of space for driver and passengers which all makes for a comfy interior. Generous boot space is standard and the back seats fold down easily allowing for even more flexibility.

If they don’t make it anymore, what about parts?

Parts for the Fox are available and pretty well priced too so you won’t have any fears on replacements costing more than the car. Brake pads can be picked up for less than £40 and wing mirrors from around £40.

compare volkswagen fox car insurance

A skulk of foxes to choose from?

Not quite a skulk but more of a pair, the Fox only comes in two models – the standard Fox and the higher spec Urban Fox. The regular Fox comes with driver and passenger airbags as well as Isofix anchor points – practical if you need to add a child seat in the back (although the Fox only comes as a three door model so you’ll need to be pretty dextrous to get it in).

The Urban Fox comes with all the standard stuff plus body coloured bumpers, front electric windows and remote locking. You can also find models with a service indicator to keep your Fox ticking along.

volkswagen fox insurance group

Ok, so what about Volkswagen Fox insurance?

The Fox can be cheap to run. There are only two engine sizes to choose from, a 1.2 and a 1.4 litre. You’ll find the 1.2 litre engine versions all in insurance group one whilst the 1.4 litre cars sit in the heady heights of group three. In terms of tax bands, the smaller engines will cost you £130 per year and the 1.4 litre is £185 per year.

Getting the best insurance

Insurance is all about risk and your premium is calculated based on how likely you are to make a claim and not all insurance packages will be the same based on that likelihood. Whenever you search for car insurance, it’s important to be honest, making stuff up or embellishing the truth might give you a lower premium but it could invalidate your policy if you get found out. If you want to save yourself some money, consider these areas instead:

  • Telematics or black box insurance – this monitors your driving and if you drive properly (basically, according to the rules) then it could lower your premium more quickly than waiting years to build up a decent no claims.
  • Increase your voluntary excess – this can lower your insurance but it’s only worth doing if you can actually afford the total excess (compulsory + voluntary) in the event of making a claim.
  • Storage – where you store your car can have a big impact on your policy price. Keeping it on a street two roads away from your home is not ideal, keeping it in a secure garage or on a drive on the other hand – is.
  • Don’t modify your car – don’t be tempted to add go-faster stripes or risk blowing out the windows with an amazing sound system, the more you modify your car (and make it more desirable) the more your insurance.
  • But you can modify it if it makes your car harder to steal – such as installing an approved security device. You may need to speak to your insurance provider directly to get the saving reflected.

Let’s compare shall we?

Being able to compare stuff is good – it’s even better when you can compare things in order to save yourself some money. So whether you’ve brought your Fox home or you’re still weighing up the pros and cons, just remember to always

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